17 Baby Names That Begin With "B" That Are Just Beautiful


Of all the variables to choose from on your hunt for the perfect baby name — length, meaning, namesakes, and so much more — sometimes a single letter can make all the difference. Some parents have a natural fondness for a certain letter, intentionally naming all of their kids names beginning with the same sound. Others might switch it up for each child, but know what beginning letter they're looking for in a name right from the start. If "B" is that letter for you, you're in luck. There are so many baby names that begin with "B" that you'll probably have a hard time sorting through them all.

"B" names have a certain strength to them. The consonant at the beginning is hard to ignore, giving the name instant memorability and a sound that is easily noticed. Some of them are short and sweet, while others are longer and elegant. Some make perfect gender-neutral names, while others sound very masculine or feminine. If you have your heart set on the letter "B", you can always change up the spelling or give a complimentary middle name to offset the name's strength even more.

Regardless of which name you choose your baby "B" is sure to have a name that will stand out from the rest.

1. Baron


A unique name from English nobility, Baron is short, sweet and adventurous.

2. Baylee


Commonly spelt "Bailey", this name means "enforcer" and is a classic girl's name.

3. Baxter


Originally meaning "baker," Baxter has an extra cool factor with the "x" spelling.

4. Beau


A name that means "handsome" can only do good things for your child, right?

5. Bella


A shortened version of Isabelle or Isabella, Bella means "beautiful" and is a popular choice for little girls.

6. Benedict

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Meaning "blessed," Benedict is a unique and classy name for boys.

7. Bennett


Similarly, Bennett means "blessed" as well but sounds more adventurous and light than the former.

8. Beth


Generally short for Elizabeth or Bethany, but a name that stands just fine on its own, Beth means "pledged to God."

9. Betty

A cute and vintage name, Betty also means "pledged to God."

10. Blair

Meaning "dweller on the plain" in Scottish, Blair is a great gender-neutral choice.

11. Blaise


This modern sounding name has ancient roots as the name of a Christian martyr. It also appears in Authurian legend, and has a fiery sound to it.

12. Blake

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What once was strictly a boy's name has become a popular gender-neutral choice. Blake means "fair haired or dark," and is quirky and sweet.

13. Bradley


This name has been around for ages and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Bradley means "wide meadow" and is a great choice for a baby boy.

14. Bria


Short for Brianna or fine on it's own, Bria means "vigor or liveliness."

15. Brice


Meaning "speckled or freckled," Brice is a spunky name that is short and to the point.

16. Brooklyn


Tribute to the New York city or just a embellished form of Brooke, this name is gorgeous either way.

17. Burton


This unique name means "fortified enclosure," and is a strong name for a baby boy.