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17 Baby Names That Will Make You Nostalgic For The '90s

Whether you born in the '90s or were lucky enough to experience them, the 1990s clearly had it all. I'm sure people are going to argue about how their generation was actually the best, but, come on. How else do you explain the incredible comeback of all things related to the '90s unless you admit they truly rocked? This was the decade that launched Friends, the Spice Girls, flannel everything, and, let's not forget, Crystal Pepsi and Surge. If you still carry a torch for the decade, consider some baby names that will make you nostalgic for the '90s.

The whole ordeal of picking out a moniker for your mini munchkin can be a bit daunting or even exhausting, so why not have a little fun with the process instead? If you loved the '90s as much as Destiny's Child loved their denim ensembles, then you might want to take a little inspiration from such a memorable decade.

From characters in film and on television shows to your favorite artists and performers, there's a perfect 90's-inspired baby name out there for everyone. So kick back in your Doc Martens, put on some Nirvana, and check out these fly '90s baby names.



Who could forget the iconic family-friendly show, Full House? As a tribute to the many sayings the show introduced into the public lexicon — like, "cut, it, out," and the unforgettable, "you got it dude!" — you could use the fictional family's last name instead. The name is actually quite literal since Tanner means "worker in leather."



One of the most popular shows from my childhood was A Different World. One of the most memorable characters from the show, played by Jasmine Guy, was Whitley Gilbert. A unisex name, Whitley means "white meadow" and sounds beautiful for either gender.



What would the '90s have been without grunge? There'd be fewer flannels, for one. Pearl Jam, an iconic band from Seattle, the birthplace of grunge, was led by Eddie Vedder. Short for Edward, Eddie means "rich guard" in Old English.



In addition to being one of the univerally-loved sons of Princess Di, Harry was also the main character in a series of books launched in the '90s you might have heard of by some lady named J.K. Rowling. In German, Harry means "ruler of the house," which is pretty accurate since Mr. Potter certainly ruled the houses of Hogwarts



One of my all-time favorite characters, Willow Rosenberg, started out as a shy sidekick on Buffy The Vampire Slayer but blossomed into one badass witch. Quite literally, Willow means "of the willow tree," and is a dreamy name for any child.



Not only is it the surname of '90s goddess, Liv Tyler, but it was the name of one of the most groundbreaking characters in film: Tyler Durden. Since the first rule is that I can't really talk about it, I'll just tell you that it's a gender-neutral name and Tyler means "tiler of roofs."



Though the debate will always live on of whether or not she could have made room for Jack on the raft, Rose is remains a timeless favorite of the '90s hit, Titanic. A Germanic name, Rose means "type of fame."



A film series in its own right, Friday, was a major part of pop culture in the '90s. You can even thank Ice Cube for the saying, "bye, Felicia." His character, Craig, was definitely memorable. The name Craig means "like rocks, rocky" in Scottish.



A funky name derived from an equally quirky character, Cosmo turned out to be (spoiler alert) the first name of Kramer on Seinfeld. An option for either a boy or a girl, Cosmo means "of the universe" in Greek and is a stellar choice.



Though most people I know associate this name with a popular character on Friends, I always thought of Whitney Houston's character, Rachel Marron, in The Bodyguard. Rachel means "little lamb" in Hebrew. How cute is that?



Out of all the characters in the '90s classic, Clueless, I loved Tai the most. Played by the unforgettable Brittany Murphy, Tai brought the realness to the plastic Beverly Hills High School. Interestingly enough, Tai means "extreme" in Chinese and is unisex.



Is life really like a box of chocolates? The world may never know. Forrest Gump, a film that interestingly launched a chain of seafood restaurants, is a total '90s classic. Usually used for a boy, the name Forrest literally means "forest."



A barrier-breaking Latina artist taken from this world much too soon, Selena is a beautiful tribute to the singer and the decade. Selena comes from the Greek word for "moon," and she truly was out of this world.



Bill Clinton rocked the presidency with his saxophone and smooth style in the '90s and Hillary Clinton could potentially bring her own swagger back to the White House. Originally used as a surname, Clinton means "town on a hill" and could be gender-neutral.



Inspired by the shoe de jour of many rockers, Doc Martens are still popular today. A fun spin on the name, Martie means "warrior of Mars" and is of Roman origin.



Originally a member of The Fugees and later a star in her own right, Lauryn Hill inspired many to do(o-Wop) that thing. Meaning "place of the laurel trees," Lauryn is a beautiful choice for any girl.



If you thought I forgot about '90s heartthrob, Leonardo DiCaprio, when I mentioned the Titanic, think again. For me, I'll always remember him for his heartbreaking turn as Romeo in Romeo + Juliet. Romeo means "a pilgrim to Rome," but it means so much more to those who remember the '90s.