Watch These Birth Videos To Mentally Prep For Giving Birth

Mammals have been giving birth since, well, mammals existed. With the exception of the duck-billed platypus, laying eggs really isn't a mammal thing. I know all of this, because I was so nervous about having a baby that doing an internet search all about nature and birth seemed like a good way to keep calm If you're feeling a bit anxious, then you might find comfort in the fact that there are plenty of birthing videos that'll make you feel better about what you're about to do. And I'm not talking about the awkward and antiquated educational films you had to watch in grade school, either.

After watching some of these birthing experiences, you just can't help but feel empowered, emotional, and even a little excited about what you're going to be doing in the very near future. It's totally normal to be freaked out by the fact that a tiny human is about to come out of your body (I always imagined that scene from Aliens, you're welcome). But you don't have to let that overwhelm you or detract from the fact that you will soon become a mother to a beautiful bundle of joy. So grab the Kleenex and check out these amazing videos that capture the miracle of childbirth.


The Natural C-Section

Since I had to have a C-section for medical reasons, I wanted to keep my birthing experience as close to what would happen during a vaginal delivery as possible. This video really helped me see that this was possible.


The Still-Photo Progression

Even though this is made up of still-photos, this video captures all the beautiful details of the journey from pregnancy to birth.


The Family-Oriented Home Birth

Home birth might seem scary, but this video makes it look like the compete opposite.


This Poignant Portrayal Of A Premature Birth

No one plans on going into labor early, but for some women, that is their reality. From birth to the NICU to a safe arrival home, this video is a tear-jerker in all the best ways.


The Outdoors Birth

Home birth just got taken to an entirely new level with this video. You really can't get much closer to nature than this.


This Emotional C-Section

You can just feel the family's excitement and anticipation through the screen with this video.


The Still-In-Sac Birth

Though it's very uncommon, this video shows what it looks like to give birth to a baby who is still inside the amniotic sac.


The Twins Birth

The first baby comes out super quick, but the second one is positioned feet-down. You will be right there rooting with the parents during this twins' birth video.


An Emergency Birth

Fair warning this is graphic, but for me, it helped calm all my fears about what would happen in an emergency labor situation.


The "Self Birth"

This video has gained notoriety because it shows how a baby practically delivers itself during a C-section.


The Quadruplets

This one is a bit intense, but the raw portrayal of this woman's birthing experience with identical quadruplets is inspiring.


The Water Birth

This video of a new mother's first time giving birth in water makes you feel like you're right there.


An Up-Close C-Section

If you wanted all the details about a C-section, then look no further than this video.


The Unpredictable Birth

It's a little messy, but this lesbian couple has a good sense of humor about the whole experience.


The VBAC Birth

A VBAC is a vaginal birth after having a C-section. This video offers a rare glimpse behind-the-scenes.


An Unmedicated Birth

For those of you who have made the decision to give birth without any type of anesthesia, this video will make you feel empowered.


The Family Birth

In addition to being a gender reveal, this video captures the emotional experience of an entire family during a home birth.