17 Celebrity-Inspired Baby Names We Wouldn't Mind Giving Our Children

When it comes to choosing a good baby name, celebrities don’t have the best reputation. With famous folks naming their kids after fruit, numbers, and directional points, it’s understandable why you might be hesitant to turn to the tabloids when choosing your own child’s name. But in the midst of all the Apples and Blankets, there are definitely some celebrity baby names we love.

But while celebs might not have the most typical taste in naming their young, that doesn’t mean that the superstars themselves don’t don some pretty awesome monikers. Maybe it’s their birth name or maybe it’s a stage name — either way, they are some pretty powerful, unique and poetic names making headlines these days.

Of course, you can always name your kid after your favorite actor or musician without going the unusual route, like Rachel as in McAdams or Ryan as in Gosling. And conversely, there are some celeb names that are so iconic, like Beyoncé, Bono, or Kanye, that endowing your child with their namesake might give them too much pressure to live up to. But other celebrities have brought our attention to some less traditional names that we’d be totally down to give our own kids.



There’s something really cool about having a name that starts with a Z. Plus, if your little boy is high-energy, you can always call him Zaney Zayne.



This Pretty Little Liars star’s name has a lilting elegance, combined with the strength of a name that harkens back to Troy from Greek mythology. Fierce yet feminine.



This classic Gaelic name, which means powerful, or descendant of the bright-headed one, is great for boys or girls. If you have any Irish blood in you (or even if you don’t!) Kellan is a great choice.



Sure, her Empire character has a super fun, quirky name that makes you crave an Oreo. But Taraji is majestic moniker that would be perfect for a girl or boy.



This name is so cute for a little boy and, as the actor behind Jess Mariano proves, he can definitely grow into it, too. And there’s the added bonus of being named after a character in The Phantom Tollbooth.



This name just screams powerful, badass warrior. Why wouldn’t you want to bestow those traits on your bundle of joy?



Naming your son Ansel means you’re naming him after either the fantastic Fault In Our Stars actor, Ansel Elgort, or after the late, great photographer, Ansel Adams. Either way, it’s a win-win.



Don’t forget the accent over the é, or you’d be naming your daughter after a warm beverage, which is more like something a celeb would name their own young. Add the accent, and you’ve got an awesome baby name that’s melodious and memorable.



What a cool name. It’s like Jessie, but with it’s own, out-of-the-ordinary flair. Also, fun fact about this Empire star — he started out as a Mighty Duck. What better way to introduce your child to their namesake?



This name is so darn cute, just like Darby Stanchfield herself. Unique, whimsical, and fun to say.



Bruno stands great on it’s own, but Bru is also a super cute nickname. And Brewski is fun riff for when he hits his frat years.



There’s nothing wrong with being named after an Oscar nominee, especially when the name closely resembles what is arguably the best candy ever.



This Hawaiian name means the cool breeze, which is kind of beautiful. Also, it’s considered a masculine and feminine name, so it works no matter what gender.



From Alien to Avatar, Sigourney Weaver has been rocking blockbusters for years, which is one of the reasons her name is always on someone’s lips. The other reason is that it’s a really fun name to say.



Afraid people would turn their nose up at this unusual name? Well, Clive Owen doesn’t care what others think and neither should you. One syllable, starting with the hard C sound, this name is notable and strong.



Bellamy is totally modern, but still has a Jane Austen-esque flair.



Why not name your kid after POTUS? With a strong name like that, he’s bound to be a natural born leader.

Or, if none of these strike your fancy, you can always name your next kid South East or Purple Morning Glory. Or something simple like Sam.