17 Celebrity Parent Couples Who Met On Set, Proving Love & Work Can Mix

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In this day and age, when the details of a celebrity's life are only a snap, tweet, and click away, it's hard to imagine that there's anything else out there left to be discovered. Yet, despite the ample amount of Hollywood info available at the tip of your fingers, you might be surprised to learn about the celebrity parent couples who met on set. Some of these stars let years go by after their first introduction before they started dating, while others knew it was true love immediately. Hey, I guess that's Hollywood for ya.

Whenever there's an undeniable sense of chemistry, sometimes you just can't help but wish that certain characters would get together in real life. As it turns out, there's a term for that. My sister first introduced me to "shipping," which means you want fictional characters to fall in love, as Bustle noted. You might be surprised to find out that more than a few fan-favorite couples made it work in real life and now have a family of their own. If you're curious to see which celebrity parent couples met on set, then check out these star-crossed lovers who got together after the cameras stopped rolling.

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