17 Celebrity Parenting Struggles We Can All Relate To

If there's one thing that mere mortals have in common with celebrities, it's that parenting is no cake walk, regardless of how famous you are. That's right, there are celebrity parenting struggles we can all relate to. Every so often when you're in the midst of your own parenting struggle, it can seem like you're all alone in the world, that nobody else has the struggles you do, that nobody could possibly wrap their head around what it's like to be you. That's when those celebrity parenting struggles come in handy. Because even though they're celebrities, they struggle just the same as you and I do — especially when it comes to raising their children.

When celebrity parents share their parenting struggles, it helps non-celebrity parents realize that they're not alone. And yes, every parent has been in your shoes, wondering if they're ever going to make it through this terrible phase with their children. So the next time you're feeling overwhelmed, alone, or like you might not make it through the day, take a load off and scroll through these celebrity parenting struggles to remind yourself that even the most glamorous parents have their fair share of struggles at the end of the day.


When It Feels Like You're Never Going To Sleep Again

Sleep deprivation? Sound familiar? Too bad your job doesn't include night shoots the way James Van Der Beek's does.


When You Can't Even Go To The Bathroom Alone

Who hasn't had the entire crew pile into the door when you're trying to have a moment of silence in the bathroom? Can't a mom just go to the bathroom in peace? Carrie Underwood feels your pain.


When You Fall Asleep While Pumping

Mildly unpleasant, very questionable, and a serious statement about how tired you are. Even Chrissy Teigen has been there.


When Your Kid Is Already A Con Artist

For any mom who's been conned into falling asleep with their child due to crying, needs for water, story time, and more.


When Any Moment Without Your Toddler Is Heaven

A two hour domestic flight? Consider it bliss when you don't have your toddler with you. Or, as Olivia Wilde puts it, "air travel without a toddler is g*ddamn spa day."


When You Don't Think You Can Do It

Yes, you've all had a moment of weakness where you weren't sure whether or not you were really going to be able to hack it as a parent. Even Ryan Reynolds had that moment.


When Potty Training Doesn't Go As Planned

Potty training accidents happen. Usually at the worst times, and sometimes they make you feel like a total failure. But Anna Faris is here to remind you that this is a universal part of raising a child.


When You Get Covered In Vomit No Matter How Hard You Try

You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape your child's vomit, no matter how hard you try. Even Dax Shepard gets doused from time to time.


When You Realize Shopping Will Never Be The Same

Have you ever gone shopping with your two-year-old? Hilary Duff has, and she does not recommend it.


When Your Kid Locks You Out

Every once in a while something seriously questionable happens, like losing your kid in a department store, forgetting to pick them up from school, or letting them lock themselves in their own room, like Kelly Clarkson's daughter River managed to do. Thank you for sharing this one, Kelly. It put moms everywhere at ease.


Seriously, You Never Pee Alone

Nope, you are still not allowed to pee alone, moms.


When You Forget Your Pump

Even Snooki is relatable now that she's found her way into motherhood. Because your milk has to go somewhere, even when you forget your breast pump.


When Pumping Has The Authority

Are you noticing a theme here? According to Kourtney Kardashian, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But you all know that pumping doesn't get left behind, no matter where you're headed. Even on your glamorous vacation, your pump gets packed.


When You Can't Keep Your House Clean

Even celebrities can't keep their houses clean thanks to their kids! Bless you, Alyson Hannigan, for saying what we everyone was feeling.


When Your Kids Are Brutally Honest

Kids say the darndest things, don't they?


When Mediocrity Is The Best You Can Hope For

In this all too real Instagram, Jessica Biel reported that she, "woke up like this: Disheveled, running late, doing too many things at once and underperforming all of them; but pretty thrilled about mediocrity! Could be a lot worse, guys. A lot worse." And she won mothers everywhere over with that one.


When You're Faced With A Serious Dilemma

Being a good parent? Or finding your personal sanity? Yeah, according to Christina Applegate, that dire choice never really goes away. Even celebrities have to make the tough decisions.