17 Cheap Holiday Gifts For Men That They Will *Actually* Like

The men in my life — my husband, brother, dad and brothers-in-law — all have one thing in common: They are impossible to shop for, or so it seems when I draw a blank when I start compiling my Christmas shopping list for them. I'm guessing we're in the same boat, and that's why you're here. Luckily, there are plenty perfect and cheap gifts for men that can all be found online if you look long and hard enough as I have. With just a few clicks, you too can check off those last recipients on your Christmas shopping list, avoiding the agony of indecision as you near Christmas Eve!

From the sweetest log cabin incense burner to a cool stainless steel growler for transporting his latest home brew, there's something in this gift guide for each of the men in your life. We're betting that they all have different tastes in hobbies and interests, but not to worry, these are gifts that most men can appreciate, no matter how varied their tastes are. When in doubt, try picking out a present that is useful — technological presents always rank high in that category. No matter how small or cheap the gadget may be, chances are that mini bluetooth speaker or latest smart plug will come in handy even for the guy you think may have it all.

These affordable holiday presents are sure to make your husband, dad, or brother smile. They're also great for the office white elephant party or secret Santa gift exchange when you happen to get that guy from accounting whom you've spoken to exactly zero times. (Consider this your key to ultimate success in that potentially awkward situation.) Happy shopping!


For The Aspiring Lumberjack

Log Cabin Incense Holder and Sticks, $9, Urban Outfitters

If this isn't the most adorable (and inconspicuous) holiday incense burner you've ever seen, I'm not sure what is. It comes with 20 pinon-scented incense bricks and wafts a little curl of scent out of the chimney.


For The Guy Who Loves His Bottled Beers

Luchador Bottle Opener, $12, Wayfair

Let a traditional Mexican wrestler open those bottles throughout the year with this hilarious Luchador bottle opener that comes in three colors.


For The Smart Tech-Lover

Conico Mini Smart Plug, $30, Amazon

Until this week, I didn't know smart plugs existed, but now I'm certain everyone I know needs one. The smart plug will control whatever is in inserted into the socket from wherever you are in the world - lights, appliances, etc. It can even randomize the lights if the house is empty while they're away on vacation!


For The Cyclist

7-in-1 bike tool, $14, CB2

For the cyclist in your life, so he's never left by the side of the road wishing he could fix his chain or a flat tire, this 7-in-1 bike tool is the perfect present.


For The Kid At Heart

World's Smallest Walkie Talkies, $15 from Urban Outfitters

What's not to love about the world's smallest walkie talkies? Too cute and potentially useful if you want your hubby to bring you another scoop of ice cream from the other room!


6-Foot iPhone Chargers

Extra-Long iPhone Charger Cords, $9, Amazon

For just $9, you can both put an end to all the fighting over whose charger was where last.


For The Musician

Beatles Guitar Picks and Case, $11, Amazon

Nothing like 15 guitar picks emblazoned with musical legends to inspire some great music for the guitarist in your life! These come with a case as well.


For The Guy Always On The Run

Anker PowerCore 5000, $18, Amazon

I personally believe every person should have one of these — to bring traveling or to grab when he knows his phone battery will not last the day. The device even has a name that sounds like it means business!


For The Fashion Forward Guy

Zmart Men's Socks, $13 for 8, Amazon

Gift him a batch of funky socks, for that bit of pizzazz to peek out under his cuffs.


For The Resident DJ

Lenrue Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $15, Amazon

A portable wireless bluetooth speaker that fits in a backpack makes the beach or the park a heck of a lot more fun.


For The Dude Who Hates Warm Beer

Beer Bottle Sleeves, $15 for 6, Amazon

Watch out beer koozies, here come beer bottle sleeves. They're like wetsuits for beer bottles and will keep those drinks chilled for longer.


For The Hot Sauce Junkie

Set of 10 hot sauces, $15, Target

There's nothing like a hot sauce challenge for the holidays to just burn everyone's taste buds right off! This set of hot sauces in increasingly hot varieties should be a fun party trick!


For The Home Brewer

Stainless steel growler, $10, Uncommon Goods

Here's an inconspicuous yet cool way to transport his latest home brew to the neighbor's Christmas party: a stainless steel growler in copper or black.


For The Desk Jockey

Concrete desk planter, $10, Etsy

While it's billed as a stocking stuffer, it might just land a stocking flat on the ground. Instead, wrap up this concrete desk planter and place it gently under the tree to avoid any toes getting squashed.


For The Advance Planner

Desk calendar, $11, Etsy

The perfect little desk calendar for your man to keep track of what day it is and when he's supposed to pick up the kids from gymnastics!


For The Single Malt Aficionado

Single malt bourbon lip balm, $5, Etsy

What a genius idea, right? Single malt bourbon lip balm that he might want to restrict to non-work hours, lest someone think he's been sipping a little whiskey on the job.


For The Gym Rat

Sore muscle bath bomb, $4, Etsy

Help your man relax and relieve muscle soreness with this sore muscle bath bomb. It'll serve as a good compliment about all the time he's logging at the gym lately.

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