17 Cheap Secret Santa Gifts From Target For Anyone On Your List

It's the night before your office's Secret Santa exchange and guess who forgot all about it? Yeah; you. This time of year is often full of end-of-year work commitments, holiday parties, and errands, so who can blame you? No need to brave the mall (which, frankly, you don't even want to consider). Instead, pick up all of your cheap Secret Santa gifts from Target.

Target is the perfect destination for Secret Santa shopping because, let's be honest, you were probably going to stop in for something else anyway. Plus it has gifts that cover all price points. Need a very inexpensive item for an acquaintance or group? Target's discount section just might have what you're looking for. Shopping for someone who's all about the Oscars? There are always affordable movie deals to be found. Target's accessories and home decor offerings are often stylish and fun in addition to being budget-friendly. See? You can pick up a Secret Santa gift for anyone at Target, no matter how many seasonal swaps you're involved in. And you can get it all done without completely shattering your budget.

Eat a cookie, take a deep breath, and head to the store. Here are 17 ideas from Target that will cover just about every personality on your list.


For The Wannabe Mixologist

Three Piece Bar Tools Set, $17, Target

If you've got the inside scoop and know your Secret Santa is an opinionated cocktail consumer, consider gifting them this three-piece bar tools set that'll help them DIY their favorite cocktails at home.


For The Hostess With The Mostess

Marble Serving Tray, $20, Target

Your Secret Santa giftee loves to have people over? This marble serving tray with brass handles lets him or her entertain in style.


For The Coffee (Or Tea) Drinker

"Oh Deer" Mug, $5, Target

I actually own a very similarly-shaped mug, so I can vouch for its excellent beverage-holding capabilities. This "Oh Deer" mug is dishwasher and microwave-safe, which, in my opinion, makes it even more useful.


For The Dog Lover

Bulldog Tape Dispenser, $13, Target | Bird Shaped Tape Dispenser, $14, Target

Does your Secret Santa have more framed pictures of his dog than his family? (No judgment.) He just might need this bulldog tape dispenser in his life. It also comes in a bird version if you have a bird lover on your list.


For The Wine Lover

Stemless Wine Glasses, $10, Target

Not only seasonal, but also quite functional, these stemless wine glasses scream holiday cheer. Like, really.


For The One Who Likes "Ambiance"

Gold-Based Candle, $12, Target

A candle for a Secret Santa gift can feel like a cop-out, but it's really not. This gold-based candle is sophisticated, which means it can grace a table year-round.


For The One Who Says She Needs A Spa Day

Bath Bombs, $10, Target

I don't know about you, but I would be thrilled to be given bath bombs because they feel like an at-home spa day. Not to mention, lavender is known for helping relax and calm the body.


For The Type-A Gal

White And Gold Office Supplies, $14, Target

This stylish, desktop set of white and gold office supplies is perfect for your mom, friend, or co-worker who is the most organized. It keeps all of the supplies they need within arm's reach.


For The Doodler

Crayola Fine Line Markers, $13, Target

Is your Secret Santa that person who colors for stress relief or, you know, because they're actually a pretty good artist? Give them a set of these Crayola fine line markers and hope no little kiddos leave the caps off.


For The Cocktail Newbie

Copper Cocktail Shaker, $13, Target

Unlike the aforementioned cocktail snobs, the cocktail newbie probably doesn't yet have the basics covered. This copper cocktail shaker is pretty enough to sit out on a bar cart, and is a first step to cocktail mixing at home.


For The Lady In Charge

Day Designer Clipboard, $10, Target

This clipboard/day designer lets a busy boss lady keep all her important details together in one place. From meetings to appointments to signed forms, nothing gets left behind.


For The One Who Treats Their Skin Well

Tips and Toes Kit from Burt's Bees, $13, Target

Perfect for the person who always wears sunscreen and makes sure to moisturize, this Tips and Toes Kit from Burt's Bees will soothe and refresh skin for a very merry holiday season.


For The Accessorizer

Pineapple Trinket Tray, $8, Target

This pineapple trinket tray serves as a landing pad for rings, bracelets, hair ties, office supplies, or whatever else you find lying around.


For The One Who's Always Planning Ahead

Post-It Planner, $11, Target

Managing their own schedule in addition to that of their partner, kids, family, and friends makes planning ahead essential. Minimize forgotten events, appointments, and deadlines with this weekly post-it planner.


For The World Traveler

Three Piece Travel Packing Cubes, $20, Target

Give the gift of smarter packing with these three piece travel packing cubes. Since they're mesh, you can see what's inside each one without opening them up and keep specific items together.


For The Cook

Kitchen Comfort Mat, $13, Target

After a long day, cooking and cleaning up can make feet ache, but that's not an issue anymore. This kitchen comfort mat keeps feet and legs feeling good, even if someone has been standing all day long.


For The One Who's Always Cold

Feather-Lined Socks, $7, Target

You know the type — blanket or sweater on the back of their office chair, maybe some sort of space heater close by. These feather-lined socks will keep their feet warm and cozy all winter long.