17 Easy Morning Breakfasts Your Kid Can Eat On The Go

Growing up, my siblings and I often skipped breakfast before heading out to school. When you're a kid, especially when you start getting to middle and high school, chances of you waking up on time are very slim. For us, making a full and "balanced" breakfast just wasn't possible. Now that we're older and my sister is a mom herself, she's discovering easy morning breakfasts that kids can eat on the go and parents can make without much hassle.

Though I don't have any children of my own, I do what I can to help my sister find ways to make her mornings easier now that she has her own child. Even for my friends with children, I do my best to help out with ideas to get their children into eating things that they never have before. One of my friends has a young daughter that hates eggs, so breakfast before school is always so difficult for her. Once I suggested that she make some egg and bacon breakfast cups to go, things got much easier for her in the morning, and her daughter found a way to enjoy eggs.

If finding some tasty breakfast options to give your kids on their way out the door has been an issue before, these 17 recipes will definitely help.


Grilled Breakfast Pizza

If you little one loves pizza for any meal, this grilled breakfast pizza from A Cozy Kitchen is great for them to enjoy on the go.


Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast Cake

No one could deny the want for cake as breakfast and A Pretty Life in the Suburbs will fix that craving with the blueberry buttermilk breakfast cake recipe.


Peanut Butter Filled Oatmeal Muffins

Muffins are the perfect on-the-go breakfast food for your little one and these peanut butter filled oatmeal muffins from Ari's Menu proves it.


Ham and Cheese Breakfast Panini

Sandwiches are always a great option when you're rushing out of the door. Just wrap this ham and cheese breakfast panini from A Spicy Perspective in a napkin and send them on their way.


Toasted Oatmeal & Apple Breakfast Bars

Big Girls Small Kitchen's recipe for toasted oatmeal and apple breakfast bars is a mess-free option that'll get the kids out the door a little faster in the mornings.


Berrylicious Blueberry Banana Muffins

A fruitilicious option for breakfast, Cara's Cravings recipe for these berrylicious blueberry banana muffins will have your kid requesting you to throwing a few extra in for snack time.


Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Supplying a tasty twist on the typical grilled cheese, this breakfast grilled cheese from Damn Delicious will be perfect for filling your little one up on the go.


Blueberry Baked French Toast

As a kid, I loved french toast and always hated the fact that I couldn't eat it on the way to school. This blueberry baked french toast recipe from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs makes it easier for kids now though. Just throw it in a small container and let them go.


Portobello Breakfast Cups

With the ability to be eaten at the table or on the go, this portobello breakfast cup recipe from Ari's Menu will be a morning favorite.


Tex-Mex Breakfast Muffins

Not only a good idea for your kids, A Spicy Perspective's tex-mex breakfast muffins are fast, tasty, and appealing for the grown-ups, too.


Breakfast Hashbrown Cups

If your kid isn't a fan of spinach or mushrooms, try throwing them in these breakfast hashbrown cups from Damn Delicious. They're guaranteed to fall in love then.


Ham and Cheese Breakfast Bars

Breakfast bars are perhaps the best thing for children in the morning and these ham and cheese breakfast bars from Mom On Time Out are not exempt.


Bacon & Egg Breakfast Cups

Much like breakfast bars, breakfast cups have become popular amongst families too. These bacon & egg breakfast cups from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs will make your kid want them every day.


Potato, Ham and Cheese Crescent Mini Quiches

Mom On Time Out's recipe for these delicious potato, ham and cheese crescent mini quiches will be a hit for your little tikes.


Mango Crumble Breakfast Bake

Throwing Big Girls Small Kitchen's mango crumble breakfast bake in a small container or ziplock baggie for your kids is a sweet breakfast treat.


Simple Strawberry Smoothies

If a healthy smoothie is what your kids prefer in the mornings, this simple strawberry smoothie from A Spicy Perspective will be a perfect fit.


Cheesy Arepas

These tasty cheesy arepas from A Cozy Kitchen will be a family favorite in the mornings and they only take 30 minutes to make.