17 Funny Mother's Day 2017 Cards That'll Keep Mom Laughing


I know this may sound strange, but Mother's Day is one of my favorite holidays. Though I'm not a mom, I love having a designated day to show my mom appreciation for all she's ever done for me. I haven't always been the easiest child to deal with, but because my mom has been so great, she's embraced every side of me. That's why when I find funny Mother's Day cards that touch on a situation we've been through together, I have to get them for her.

Like many other mother-daughter duos, my mom and I have gone through hell and back over the years. Despite my selfish ways and teenage drama, my mom remained loving and supportive towards me — even if I didn't see it that way. Now that I'm older and we're able to see those issues as growing pains, it's definitely OK to share a laugh or two about them. Honestly, I secretly think handing my mom a funny card about our past is a subtle way of my apologizing and her laughing with me is her way of accepting it. Whether that's how she sees it or not, the laughs we share are still totally worth it.

So, if you need a funny card to hand out to your mom this Mother's Day, try giving these 17 a look to see if they fit her personality.

1Clean Bottoms

What better way to show your thanks to mom this year than with this "Thanks For Wiping My Bum" card ($4)?

2Sorry For Swearing

Every mom needs a little appreciation for all the crap they put up with, and this "Putting Up With Me" card ($5) is a great way to do that.

3Just Kidding

Ready to make your mom lose her breath and laugh at the same time? Giving her this "Just Kidding" card ($5) will definitely do the trick.

4Not To My Face

A mother's love is like none other and that's totally proven with this "Not To My Face" card ($5). It's perfect for the mom that's always had your back.

5Lick The Beaters

This funny "Lick The Beaters" card ($4) gets funnier once mom opens it up. Give this one to her and let the good times roll.

6Big Girl Potty

There have been few things more important than being potty trained, and this "Big Girl Potty" card ($5) is the best way to show your mom how much it means to you.

7Ain't No Mama

No one can compare to the mom you have, so why not show her that with this "Ain't No Mama" card ($5) this Mother's Day?

8Not Taking It Back

How many times has your mom told you, "I gave you life and I can take it back" when growing up? Let her know how much you appreciate her for the latter with this "Not Taking It Back" card ($4) for this year's special day.

9Shady Pines, Ma

Does your mom love Golden Girls more than ever? She'll especially find humor in this Shady Pines card ($4) then.

10Perfect Child

Ideal for the youngest child, this "Perfect Child" card ($6) is a way to prove to mom that it took some practice before getting to you.

11Just Another Day

Sometimes, mom needs to be reminded that your role in the day is important, too and this "Just Another Day" card ($6) can help you do that.

12Your Favorite Child

Some things are better left unsaid, so why not slide mom this "Favorite Child" card ($3) to say them?

13You'll Always Carry Me

There's no better way to get mom back for those lectures about how long she carried you then to give her this "You'll Always Carry Me" card ($2).

14I Love You More

Ready to take your place as the favorite child? Give mom this "I Love You More" card ($4) to nab your spot.

15I Donut Know

Are you always lost with your mom? Let her know how you feel with this "I Donut Know" card ($3) for Mother's Day.

16Why Mom Is Great

I'm sure there are plenty of reasons why your mom is great, but this "Why Mom Is Great" card ($5) is a funny way to display it.

17Mom Jeans

Sometimes, moms need to be complemented, too. That's why this mom jeans card ($5) will be a top notch pick for mom this year.