17 Funny Mother's Day Cards Guaranteed To Make Mom…

by Ni'Kesia Pannell

Regardless of how big of a gift you plan to give your mom for Mother's Day, nothing beats a good card. In my family, the competition for who can give the best card is always intense. And my mom remembers every card she's ever gotten from us, so not repeating them or getting one that one of your other siblings has already gotten, is a task in itself. To give myself an edge in the competition, I try to find the perfect, funny Mother's Day cards that are sure to make her laugh.

My mom, who can easily be classified as the greatest mom ever to me, taught me at a very young age that choosing the right card for someone will always be key. She told me that there's a technique to it, and taking your time to ensure that it correlates with their personality, is the first step. Now that I think about it, I'm sure she's totally using that as a way to test out my card giving skills for her now. Knowing that my mom has a fun-loving personality and joking attitude, taking the time to find a card to reflect that for her on Mother's Day is always super important to me.

If your mom's personality is anywhere near the one that my mom has, these 17 hilarious cards will be some great picks for Mother's Day this year.


Sing Your Praise

One thing my mom always gets compliments on is how well my siblings and I turned out. If your mom hears the same thing, then this "Great Job Mom" card ($5) is what you need to give her this year. Not to mention it throws some praise your way.


Mirror Mirror

Feeling a little into yourself, but still need to find a way to celebrate your mom for Mother's Day? This nice job card ($5) is the perfect fit.


From Your Favorite

This is definitely a card that my younger brother would give to my mom in reference to me. If you're looking to start a war, this "Love, Your Favorite" card ($5), might just be for you.


One Hot Mama

If you can't tell, letting my mom know that she made a pretty nice looking kid is on my agenda this year. I'm adding this good looks card ($5) to my growing list of cards to keep in the chamber.


What Would You Do Without Me

It's always nice to give mom thanks for her contribution to your existence, but just in case words are not your thing, this "Without You" card ($5) should be able to perfectly display what you need to say.


Famous Last Words

Everyone's heard the "we'll see" phrase from mom, but did we ever really see? This "We'll See" card ($5) pokes fun at mom for never fully making a decision.


You Know You Love Me

Perfect for either parent, this "I Know I'm Annoying" card ($4) is a great pick.


Well Done

Great to give out to mom as a group card, this "Well Done" card ($4) is another nod to mom for doing a great job at creating pretty kids.


Breastfeeding Woes

Even if you weren't breastfed as a kid, you have to admit that this funny breastfeeding card ($5) is hilarious enough for anyone's mom.


The Older They Get...

A running joke between my mom, siblings, and I is the fact that she doesn't know who's going to put in the nursing home first if one of us has to take care of her. I'm sure giving her this nursing home card ($3) will put me in the lead for first place.


Too Late To Apologize

Though there were no hamsters running around my house when I was younger, I can say that majority of these items on this apologies card ($5) are things that I should probably issue my mom a thorough apology for.



Probably not the best card to give to your mother or grandmother, but this MILF Mother's Day card ($6) is perfect for a friend os sister.



Because sometimes you just want nothing but to say her name, this Mom, Mom, Mom card ($4) will be a way you can annoy her without even saying a word.


Honesty's The Best Poilicy

My older sister always jokes to my mom about how life would have been better sans my brother and I. If you feel the same about your siblings, this only child card ($5) would be perfect.


Insert Middle Name Here

There's nothing like the sound of your mom calling out your entire name to send you straight into a major anxiety attack. This "Proper Trouble" card ($4) gives her thanks for all the mini heart attacks you received before 18.


Cheers To That

If there's one thing I can appreciate now as an adult, it's being able to legally sit, chat, and drink with my mom and sister. What better way to remind your mom that you're totally adulting than with this wine-inspired card ($5)?


Oh Child Birth

Quite possibly my favorite out of the lot, this card is definitely set aside for the mom with the light and joking heart. Can you imagine giving this Lady Garden card ($6) to your more reserved mom? Punishment for life.