17 Gift Ideas For The Dog Lover In Your Life

Have someone on your shopping list who likes dogs more than they like people? While searching for the perfect gift for a dog lover, it may be tempting to just buy them something for their four-legged friend, like a cute doggie sweater or a stylish leash. But since they're probably already spoiling their pooch this Christmas with a stocking full of treats and toys, you might want to get them something they can use themselves.

You know that friend who follows all of the puppy picture Instagram accounts? Or your aunt and uncle who treat their dog better than most people treat a child? They'll love these gifts that feature dogs and allow them to proudly display their love of paw-prints and wagging tails. From jewelry to kitchenwares to fun prints, there's something every dog lover on your list will love to receive this year. So don't wait — get your shopping started with some of these awesome items!


For The One With Multiple Pups

This dog coaster ($11) has it right: one dog simply isn't enough. Who will they play with all day?


For The One Who Loves Cuddling Their Cocker Spaniel

These fuzzy doggie slippers ($10) are the perfect way to cozy up after a long day. Just make sure the dog doesn't get a hold of them — you know what dogs do to shoes.


For The One Who Takes Advice From Their Chocolate Lab

Dog's thoughts are simple and pure, which is part of the reason we love them so much. And we could take a lesson from their beliefs, like those listed on these Bad Dog Wisdom Tumblers ($35)


For The One Who Matches Her Pomeranian To Her Outfit

This ring holder ($8) is a pretty little addition to her bedside table and has way more personality than your average catchall dish.


For The One Who's Always Playing Fetch

It's A Dog's Life ($20) is the perfect board game for a true dog lover because, for them, dogs are life. Plus, you can personalize the pieces and have your own dog be your game placeholder.


For The One Who Blings Out Her Beagle

The Bark Chic Bracelet ($33) from Bling Jewelry is a charming way for her to show just how much she loves her furry friends.


For The Pug-Loving Pun-ster

Zazzle's "Pug Life" tote ($11) is a punny way to show that not only does your friend love puppies, but he's also an OG.


For The One Who's Constantly Instagramming Their Terrier

Let your loved one show off their four-legged loved one with this woof frame ($8) — it's sure to take center stage on the mantle.


For The One Who Brings Their Labrador To Work

While the price is a little steep, this dog blueprint ($185) is a nice, artistic addition to any office wall.


For The One Who Drinks With Their Daschound

Truth. This wine glass ($10) is the perfect way to justify that extra large glass of Merlot at the end of the if any justification was needed.


For The One Who's Always Laughing At Their Darling (But Dumb) Dog

Coffee table books are always a great Christmas gift, and Underwater Dogs ($12) is no exception. With so many hilarious pictures, you'll want to flip through it every day.


For The One Who Always Puts Their Golden Retriever On The Phone

The minimalistic sketch on this doggie phone case ($43) is a perfectly adorable accessory for your cell phone.


For The One Who's Always Cracking Jokes About Their Great Dane

Bed Bath & Beyond's mutt-friendly welcome mat ($20) is a totally giggle worthy gift that any dog lover with a sense of humor (and love of '90s rap) will adore.


For The One Who's Always Sketching Their Shitzu

Your friend can sit on the couch with her puppy and relax while doodling in this dog lover coloring book ($6). A perfect Saturday night.


For The One Who Needs Caffeine And Canines Every Morning

This Boston Terrier mug ($12) from Society 6 is a cute way to have a playful pooch wake you up in the morning along with your cup of joe.


For The One Who Just Really Loves Dogs. A Lot.

Dogeared's dog lover's necklace ($62) is a dainty little gift — subtle, beautiful, and with a cute message. She'll wear it every day!