17 Gifts For The 'Rugrats' Superfan Who Still Watches The Ultimate '90s Cartoon

Looking for some gift inspiration this holiday season? Well look no further than '90s Nicktoons to make your presents all that and a bag of chips. And while te decade had a full line-up of some pretty amazing cartoons, Rugrats was, in my opinion, the best. Those little tykes were always getting into themselves into the craziest situations, and always made us laugh in the process of getting out of trouble. And if your friends or family members were big on this crew, then you'll want to pull from these gifts for Rugrats fans.

As much as I would love to receive a Reptar Bar in my stocking (they turn your tongue green, after all), I would also be pretty stoked to open a myriad of these Rugrats-themed gifts this holiday season. Whether it's some all that apparel or stellar tech accessories, there are plenty of ways to gift your Rugrats fan with the perfect present that's also age-appropriate (well, sort of.) For your friend who's always saying things like "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do" or "Nakey is good! Nakey is free!" (wait — is that a weird attempt at a nostalgic pick up line?), check out these amazing Rugrats items that they'll treasure as much as Angelica treasures Cynthia.


For The Classic Fan

Taylor and her supermodel sidekicks have nothing on Tommy and his baby besties. Fan Print's squad goals tank lets you celebrate the coolest friend group to ever grace our TV screens.


For The One Who Still Dresses Like It's The '90s

Rugrats Leggings, $45, Redbubble

If your friend wants to go full-Rugrat, pair the graphic tee to Redbubble's Rugrats leggings, and wear their fandom head to toe.


For The Hipster

Your Brooklynite friend will love Etsy's Rugrats-themed Dope patch, although they'll probably tell everyone they're wearing it ironically.


For The Reptar Enthusiast

Halt I Am Reptar Tee, $20, Zazzle

Reptar didn't get to speak much, but when he did it was gold. Let your friend rep Reptar's best lines with Zazzle's Halt I Am Reptar Tee.


For The Art Collector

What millennial doesn't have unused wall space? Get this Tommy Pickles painting on Etsy — a great addition to any art collection.


For The Businessman

Angelica Tie, $47, Zazzle

Add a little fun to your Friday, and a little childish flair to your grown up suit with Zazzle's Angelica tie.


For The Badass Babe

Cynthia Rugrats Mug, $16, Etsy

Cynthia, she's a really cool dancer, and she's also a badass bitch. Get this Cynthia mug on Etsy for your friend who loves the '90s and DGAF.


For The '90s Know-It-All

Phil & Lil Tee Shirt, $23, Zazzle

Only a true fan will understand Zazzle's minimalistic Phil & Lil tee shirt. Your friend will appreciate the reference — and happily grill others on Rugrats trivia if they recognize the ducky.


For The Artist

Got a friend who's always filling up their sketch pads? Zazzle's Chuckie Finster notebook gives her the ultimate doodling inspiration, featuring the best cartoon character on the cover.


For The One Who Texts You Angelica Pickles Memes On The Reg

Rugrats iPhone Case, $25, Redbubble

Your phone is one of the only accessories you have all the time. So if your friend really loves Rugrats, gift her Redbubble's Rugrats' phone case so she can let the world know how much she adores the Nicktoon every single day.


For The One Who Always Quotes TV Shows When They're Drunk

Rugrats Flask, $20, Cafe Press

This Rugrats flask from Cafepress explains how we should all approach any night that starts with a flask.


For The Fair Weather Fan

Cynthia Sticker, $4, Redbubble

Redbubble's Cynthia sticker is the perfect stocking stuffer for the one who likes Rugrats fine, but doesn't feel the need to wear teeshirts to pay homage to the babies. She can stick Cynthia on her computer case, pin her to a bulletin board, or get a good laugh out of the gift and then totally forget about it.


For The Tommy Of Your Group

Every group has a Tommy Pickles, and Fanprint's catchphrase tee is the perfect present for your fearless leader.


For The Activist

Dinosaurs get a bad rap, but this Reptar hoop art from Etsy defends the dino in a goofy patchwork circle.


For The Girly-Girl

She was alway Princess Peach in Mario Kart and she played Dream Phone on the reg. Let her embrace her love of the '90s and her love of jewelry with these Chuckie Finster earrings from Etsy.


For The Sophisticated Supporter

Rugrats Name Tee, $20, Etsy

You can wear your love of the 'toon without having to have animated babies on your shirt. This Rugrats' names tee from Etsy shows devotion in an adult(ish) manner, and I'm so glad they didn't forget to include Spike.


For The Crazy One

Chuckie's Saturn g-string from Cafe is not for everyone, but for the one who loves Rugrats that much, it's a perfect gift.

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