17 Grandparents Day Instagram Captions To Help You Celebrate

I'm a firm believer that grandparents are the closest things we have on earth to real angels. My childhood memories with Nana and Papa are some of my most cherished. On the flip side, watching your own parents turn into Grandma and Grandpa has got to be one of the greatest transformations you'll ever witness. Though grandparents deserve to be celebrated every day, they get an extra special day dedicated to them each year, and with these Grandparents Day Instagram captions, you can post all your tributes, throwbacks, and celebratory photos this Grandparents Day on Sunday, Sept. 9.

According to The American Presidency Project, Grandparents Day has been celebrated in the United States since Jimmy Carter designated it a national holiday in 1978. It began when Marian McQuade, a West Virginia resident and grandma to 43, campaigned for a day to celebrate and honor elderly members of our family. According to a Refinery29 article about the holiday, McQuade was passionate about the holiday because she was fearful "that these people were missing out on important family bonding due to their need for intensive care." By creating a national Grandparents Day, McQuade hoped to show our elders that they were appreciated and loved.

And, of course, what better way to show appreciation and love than with a killer Instagram caption?


"Strong Roots Produce Beautiful Leaves."

It's true – without grandparents, there are no beautiful grandchildren. We owe them!


"Nobody Can Do For Little Children What Grandparents Do. Grandparents Sort Of Sprinkle Stardust Over The Lives Of Little Children."

There is no relationship like that between grandparent and grandchild. There is just something special about it — I think "stardust" is the perfect way to describe it.


"Grandparents: So Easy To Operate, Even A Child Can Do It."

Let's be real... you have your grandparents wrapped around your finger, and your children have their grandparents wrapped around theirs. It's just a fact of life!


"Grandparents Are The Best Kind Of Grown-Ups."

They really are.


"Grandparents Are Like Parents, Only Cooler."

Seriously, grandparents can get away with things that regular parents can't. Everything they do seems funnier, nicer, and all-around better. They're Parents 2.0.


"A Child Needs A Grandparent, Anybody's Grandparent, To Grow A Little More Securely Into An Unfamiliar World." – Charles & Ann Morse

Grandparents have the wisdom and life experience to guide a child through the tricky spots. Seriously — just because they don't know how to use SnapChat doesn't mean they can't teach you the real life lessons.


"What Children Need Most Are The Essentials That Grandparents Provide In Abundance. They Give Unconditional Love, Kindness, Patience, Humor, Comfort, Lessons In Life. And, Most Importantly, Cookies." – Rudolph Giuliani

Grandparents are always there to provide their grandchildren with everything they need.... even if those things spoil their dinner.


"If Nothing Is Going Well, Call Your Grandmother."

A call to grandma is the ultimate pick-me-up. Don't forget to call her on the good days too though!


"If Your Baby Is 'Beautiful And Perfect, Never Cries Or Fusses, Sleeps On Schedule And Burps On Demand, An Angel All The Time,' You're The Grandma."

Grandparents seem to only see the good stuff, but they also get the benefit of passing baby back to mom and dad when the bad stuff is going down.


“Surely, Two Of the Most Satisfying Experiences In Life Must Be Those Of Being A Grandchild Or A Grandparent." – Donald A. Norberg

There is really nothing better.


"Grandparents Are There To Help The Child Get Into Mischief They Haven't Thought Of Yet." – Gene Perret

Did your parents not let you get away with anything, but now they let your child get away with everything? That's a common theme with grandparents. Let them act like children!


"Some Of The World's Best Educators Are Grandparents." –Dr. Charlie W. Shedd

They've experienced more life than anyone else. Listen to them, ask them questions, and learn as much as you can from them.


"If You're Lucky Enough To Still Have Grandparents, Visit Them, Cherish Them, & Celebrate Them While You Can." –Regina Brett

I lost all of my grandparents way too soon — not a single one got to attend my college graduation or wedding. If you still have your grandparents in your life, appreciate them! Understand that they're a precious gift who won't be around forever.


"Truth Be Told, Being A Grandma Is As Close As We Ever Get To Perfection. The Ultimate Warm Sticky Bun With Plump Raisins And Nuts. Clouds 9, 10, & 11." – Bryna Nelson Paston

My nana could do no wrong. No nanas can do any wrong.


"Young People Need Something Stable To Hang On – A Culture Connection, A Sense Of Their Own Past, A Hope For Their Own Future. Most Of All, They Need What Grandparents Can Give Them." –Jay Kesler

Grandparents provide a special link to your past. They can tell you stories of relatives you never met, and teach you exactly where you came from. They basically hold all the family secrets.


"Have Children While Your Parents Are Still Young Enough To Take Care Of Them." – Rita Rudner

It's a wise move. Many grandparents even consider babysitting a treat!


"A Mother Becomes A True Grandmother The Day She Stops Noticing The Terrible Things Her Children Do Because She Is So Enchanted With The Wonderful Things Her Grandchildren Do." – Lois Wyse

And what a beautiful day that is.