17 Great Movies on Netflix When You Just Want to Zone Out

At the end of a long day, sometimes all you want to do is Netflix and chill. Like, regular chill, not "sex" chill. You've had a mentally exhausting day and you just need to lay on the sofa, turn on the 'Flix, and let your mind melt into a puddle of nonchalant calm vibes while you zone out on whatever it is you're watching. But there's a fine line of things that complement that sort of mood when you're trying to reach that vibe. Which is why you need to keep up with all the great movies on Netflix when you just want to zone out.

You don't want anything that's got too complicated of a plot line, or too many explosions, or else you'll be awakened from your blissful zone out session. Classic flicks are great to consider for your next zone out night, because you've probably seen them more than once, and your brain won't require extra power to make it through to the end. But it can't be too low key, or else you'll be fighting to stay away. Though I'm sure everyone's tastes are different, the following great movies on Netflix have never let me down when I need to zone out, and let my brain take a break.



When in doubt, head for the classics. Cher Horowitz and her epic '90s antics will provide the perfect background for you to stare mindlessly at the television when you need a night of cluelessness yourself.


'The Princess Bride'

Not only is young Robin Wright a complete and total babe in this (and so is Carey Elwes), The Princess Bride is a cornucopia of twisted fairy tale and childhood dreams all rolled into one. And how can you say no to that?


'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind'

This one may be a little bit hard to zone out to if you've never seen it before. But if you have, you know that it's perfect to put on and chill with. Yes, it's a pretty sad film, but there are such glorious moments of cinematography and story telling that you can't help but want to watch it over and over again.


'Moonrise Kingdom'

One of Wes Anderson's best, this epic love story between two adolescents will leave you wanting to live on an island in the middle of nowhere with a dysfunctional family. Or at the very least leave you wanting to take an adventure where you camp on the beach and listen to old records while dancing your heart out.


'Almost Famous'

For me, this movie is like a warm blanket. Any time I watch it, I just feel put at ease. Between the epic soundtrack, the vintage vibes, and the feeling of being young in a seriously cool era, this flick is one to keep on your go-to list for as long as it's available.


'Back To The Future '

Because who wouldn't feel totally chill hanging out with Doc Brown and a good old fashioned dose of time travel? It'll make you laugh, it'll make you question everything you thought would happen by the year 2016, and it'll make you embrace the quality filmmaking of the '80s.



I know what you're thinking — how am I supposed to chill with a movie that has subtitles? Trust me, if there's ever been a subtitled flick that will make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, it's Amélie. Quirky, lovely, and utterly watchable, this is a film you'll return to time and time again, like an old friend.


'The Truman Show'

A movie you can watch a thousand times without it ever getting old, because there's so many things to notice each time you watch it. Heartbreaking, hilarious, and one of Jim Carrey's best performances of all time, The Truman Show is perfect for your next lazy couch night.


'Good Will Hunting'

Taking you back to the very inception of the now epic bromance between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Good Will Hunting is perfect for zoning out to. With an all star cast, a story line that gives you hope, and a dash of emotional stress to keep you enthralled.


'Can't Hardly Wait'

The heyday of Jennifer Love Hewitt was at an all time peak with the release of this movie. Throwing back to the days of yore (the '00s), with appearances from a handful of your favorite actors that you probably forgot about, Can't Hardly Wait will leave you nostalgic for times past. Specifically times when the most important thing in your life was telling your high school crush that you loved them. Those were the days.


'An Affair To Remember'

Personally, I love old movies, and this one is no different. An epic and soaring romance, the vintage vibes will put you at ease and leave you feeling relaxed. Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, and the basis for Sleepless in Seattle? Yep.


'Drinking Buddies'

Watching this movie is like hanging out with a few of your favorite dysfunctional friends. With a brewery as the background, and some really, really attractive people heading up the cast, this flick is one that'll make you feel like you're just hanging out at your favorite bar, shooting the sh*t with your crew.


'Sixteen Candles'

Oh, Molly Ringwald. Though she has absolutely no chill in this movie, it is somewhat relaxing to look back on what it was like to be a sixteen-year-old. Even if you're too young to have properly appreciated the '80s while they were happening, there's nobody that can't relate to the complete and total agony of having a serious crush, feeling unimportant, and being a teenager.


'Love Actually'

How many times have you seen this movie? (If the answer is none, I don't know whether to commend you or command you to watch it immediately.) Regardless of the season, Love Actually has plenty of redeeming story lines to keep you floating in the land 'o chill.


'Into The Wild'

With stunning visual landscapes and a killer soundtrack, Into The Wild is a beautiful film based on a true story that will leave you wondering what you're really doing with your life, and somehow make you chill out at the same time.


'The Wedding Planner'

Let me preface this recommendation with telling you that I have absolutely zero shame about how much I love this movie. An oldie, a goodie, a completely unrealistic flick from the golden age of rom-coms, The Wedding Planner will come through for you when you need it to. Which is always.


'To The Wonder'

Pretty much any Terrence Malick film you can get your hands on is prime zone out material. Mostly, because the beautiful cinematography will give you a buzz without making you pay too much attention. Half the beauty of a Malick film is that it's pretty to look at, and you can appreciate it even if you're not following the actual story line that closely.