17 Hilarious Valentine's Day Someecards That Perfectly Sum Up Your Feelings On V-Day

Just in case you missed all the giant heart shaped boxes of candy, enormous fluffy stuffed animals, and mountains of red and pink cards, Valentine's Day is right around the corner. The pressure is on to make Feb.14 a romantic day filled with gifts, romance, and lots of love. But come one, this shouldn't be a serious holiday. Enough with the undying love poems. Just give me some hilarious Valentine's Day Someecards that tell me how you really feel. And if you wanted to throw something shiny my way, I won't be mad at you.

Instead of fighting the crowds for the last Valentine's Day card, take solace in knowing you can send your special someone an e-card that shows how you really feel. Whether it's for a significant other, BFF, or a family member with a good sense of humor, Someecards are the perfect alternative to those cheesy greeting e-cards. And if you don't take Valentine's Day too seriously, then this is perfect opportunity to have a little fun at the expense of that chubby little Cupid. So let's skip the warm and fuzzy and get down to the funny with these 17 hilarious e-cards perfect for Valentine's Day.


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

One. You only get one.


A Massage And Then Some

Funny, seems like you've already given me this gift.


Long-Term Love Birds

It must be love.


Love is Enough

Or I forgot it was Valentine's Day, but I'm sticking to this story.


Table For One

Red or white? It's a holiday, how about both!


Big Spender

What? I like a good deal.


Love Hurts

Maybe you should see a doctor about that.


One For the Work Wife

Now let's pretend we are working and go get coffee.


Doing Some Shopping?

Just make sure it's big, shiny, and expensive.


Say What?

This one time at band camp...


One For Mom

So close, Mom. So close.


Romance Is Not Dead

Hold on a second. I need two hands to type this text.


Being Practical

I'm just being honest here.


Real Romance

This is the nicest gift you've ever given me.


It's The Thought That Counts

At least he remembered this year.


Talk About A Burn

Way harsh.


Modern Love

Remember candy emojis have zero calories.