17 Last-Minute Valentine's Gifts That Look Like You Spent Weeks Preparing

You knew it was coming, but somehow you just never got around to shopping for Valentine's Day gifts. After booking a table at a romantic restaurant weeks in advance, you thought you'd have plenty of time to shop for the perfect gift that would have your SO's heart melting in your hand. Now it's crunch time and you're scrambling to think of last-minute Valentine's Day gifts you can put together without missing your reservation.

It doesn't matter if you like to DIY your Valentine's Day gifts or buy your beloved something from the store, this last-minute gift guide has something that every Valentine will love — and they never have to know you waited until the eleventh hour to prepare their present. If it's true what they say — that it's the thought that counts — then it makes no difference if you had your gift wrapped on Feb. 1 or during your lunch break on Feb. 14. The whole point is to give your Valentine a token of your love and let them know you care.

If you don't have anything wrapped in heart paper and tied with a bow yet, don't panic, some of these gifts can be made in 30 minutes or less. Wow your Valentine with these last minute gifts that feel like you spent weeks preparing.


Beer Flowers

For the person who rather have their favorite beer than a dozen roses, put together this easy DIY beer flower six pack, from the creative mind of 30 Minute Crafts. The best part? It only takes 15 minutes to make.


Movie Tickets

Pick up a pair of tickets and take your Valentine to the movies for a chill date night . And make sure to splurge on concessions — it's a holiday after all!


Homemade Valentine Treat Boxes

Spell out your love by baking brownies or cookies right into an alphabet mold. Follow this easy guide from A Beautiful Mess and you'll have a delicious and adorable homemade Valentine treat box in no time at all.


Champange & Strawberries


If you're really short on time, pop into your local grocery and grab two Valentine classics that go great together: champagne and strawberries.


Beauty Products

Spoil your Valentine with some of their favorite beauty products. This is the perfect time to grab them that extra special serum or cream that they may not usually drop the cash for themselves.


Fondue Set

After opening this gift, you and your Valentine can celebrate with dessert in bed. And don't worry when the fruit runs out, I'm sure you'll figure out a way to use the leftover chocolate.


Love Wall Art

Download this free love printable from Burlap and Blue, and give your Valentine some wall art that they can enjoy all year long.


Valentine's Day Picnic

What's more romantic that a cozy picnic for two? Let Julie Blanner walk you through pulling off a Valentine's Day picnic that your love will always remember. She had me at spiked cocoa.


Glitter Heart Mason Jar Mug

Grab some glue and glitter and get to work on making this adorable glittered mason jar heart mug from Creative Green Living. Give this gift with a side of your Valentine's favorite drink and raise a glass to love.


A Luxurious Soak

Beat your Valentine home so you can have a luxurious bath scene waiting for them. All you need to do is grab some bubble bath and candles on the way home and you'll have a relaxing treat for you and your SO to enjoy before going to dinner.


Spa Gift Card

A gift card is easy to grab on Valentine's Day. Treating someone to the spa always makes them feel loved and pampered.


DIY Love Potion

If you're looking for a one of a kind last minute gift, Handmade Charlotte has you covered. Your Valentine will be love struck with this personalized love potion bottle. After crafting your bottle exactly as you like, fill it with the recipient's favorite drink — and don't forget the straw!


Pom Pom Heart Treat Bags

Homey Oh My created this cute and easy to make pom pom heart treat bags, which can be filled with any kind of candy or special treat. Make a bunch and stash them in places your Valentine can discover throughout the day.


Favorite Things Gift Basket

Show your Valentine you've been paying attention by putting together a gift basket of their faves. Easily done the day of, gather the items your love loves the most, and bundle them all together to make it pretty.


DIY Bookmarks & Book

If your Valentine loves to read, stick one of these printable Valentine's bookmarks from Pitter & Glink inside a new book or two. As they wander the pages, they will be reminded of your love.


DIY Wine Tasting

Grab a few bottles of wine and set-up a wine tasting for two. Ask your local wine shop owner what they recommend for pairings, and see what you and your Valentine can discover about some different vinos.


Coffee Lover Valentine

If you have a Valentine that worships at the alter of java, create a custom love day inspired coffee lover Valentine. These instructions and printable from The Merry Thought will be all you need to pull this off.