17 Memes About Pregnancy Cravings That Are Just Too True


Let's be honest. You don't have to be pregnant to know how severe cravings can be for moms-to-be. Though some may argue that non-pregnant women don't know the intensity of the cravings, if you've been around someone who is pregnant, you understand the intensity of those cravings. Between my friends and my family members who have been pregnant, I've grasped the severity of needing a certain and food, and find it a little funny when I run across any memes about pregnancy cravings.

I always find it comical to hear about celebrities' crazy pregnancy cravings or real moms talk about the time they sent their partner on a chase for some odd food combination. My older sister, for example, only wanted cucumbers and vinegar with a Pepsi during her entire pregnancy (which really isn't that weird, but definitely not good on the stomach.) Some of my friend have wanted things like ice cream and pickles or ketchup on top of asparagus. It really just depends on you and how your body works.

So, whether you've experienced the cravings, are experiencing them now, or just need a little laugh, these 19 pregnancy craving memes will be totally relatable.

1. Ice Cream & Kale

Decisions, decisions.

2. Head Versus Bump

Who's gonna win here?

3. Don't Ask

She gets everything she wants.

4. Every Two Hours

Or as often as possible.

5. Deep Thoughts

Real life.

6. Found Appetite

Look no further.

7. Traveling Tummy

I mean, what better way to do it?

8. Big Tears

Chocolate will make you do that.

9. Needs

Help me, please.

10. Are You Hungry?

It doesn't matter. Get it anyway.

11. Cupcake Cravings

Let's just make it happen.

12. Mixed Messages

Everything is food related when it comes to pregnancy.

13. Bacon Craves

Who doesn't love bacon?

14. Fry Mania

Thoughts are clearly wandering.

15. Food Frenzy

Just go snatch it from their measly hands.

16. Know The Rules

Let's not play these games.

17. Real Hobbies

All day I dream about food.