17 Mother Daughter Bonding Activities To Stay Close & Connected At Any Age
by Maggie May Ethridge
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The mother daughter bond is intense and wonderful, and at times overwhelming and confusing– for both of you. The time you spend together and the effort you put into listening to and laughing with one another creates an unbreakable bond that can survive tough times, miscommunications, hurt feelings, the teenage years. That's what it's important to plan mother daughter bonding activities — specific time set aside just for the two of you that will stop the freeway speed traffic of life and slow things down enough so you can really listen to each other, get to know each other, enjoy each other's company.

These activities can be as simple as a dance party or as planned as a date, but taking that time can be the difference between a really strong relationship, and one where the love is there, but the closeness is missing: that closeness is very important when it comes to a mother-daughter dynamic. The closer you are, the easier it is to work out problems as they arise, and the less likely it is that those problems will become an ongoing issue that comes between the two of you.

Bonding can be serious – deep discussion about literature– or outrageous– twerking in the living room. Either way, it's how you grow together and stay close as your daughter changes throughout her childhood and teen years. Get your groove on, and try out some of these bonding activities for mothers and daughters.


Dance Party

I have dance parties with my daughters when they are toddlers and continue to have them when they are teenagers. We take turns picking songs and doing ridiculous dance moves that lead to a pee your pants laughter.


Long Walks And Hikes

A long hike is one of the best ways to connect with a teenager; stretches of silence where you only hear footsteps and feel wind on your cheeks. Walking opens up a room for shared secrets or shared hilarity– I'll take either with my girls!


Mother-Daughter Dates

My 5-year-old and I recently had a date where we went to Starbucks and brought her memory game, which we played over my coffee and her hot chocolate. Afterward, we walked, and then went into Target and browsed the toy aisles before reading a few books. It was as simple as it gets, and magical.


Learn About Feminists Together

Teaching children about feminism, especially girls, is a great way to make them feel empowered. Whether it's attending speech from a famous feminist, watching feminist TV shows, or reading a feminist children's book, I am always exposing my daughters to the amazing girls and women around them.


Create Art Together

The annoyance and mess of storing are supplies is worth the creativity and relaxation that comes out of it. I sit with both my daughters and doodle, create thank you cards and elaborate lists. It's a great way to unwind our minds together and collaborate.


Read The Same Book Or Watch The Same Show

After my daughter finishes a book, I will sometimes read it, too, and then we have talks about the plot, the characters, the things that annoyed or delighted us. Same goes for watching a show together.


Enjoy A Mani-Pedi

Giving each other a man-pedi while at home, listening to some great music and talking, is one of the easiest and most cheerful ways to hang with your girl.


Make A Collage About Your Relationship

Take inside jokes, trips you've taken, even fights you've been in and make a giant collage together that represents your relationship.


Run Together

Going on a run has strangely elicited some of the most hilarious moments between my daughter and I. Maybe it's the endorphins?


Take A Class Together

Find a hobby or activity that interests you both and dedicate to taking a class on it. Not only will it guarantee you time together each week, but it will give you a special skill to share.


Volunteer Together

Work at a soup kitchen, visit nursing homes, sign up for the local library: whatever it is, do it together.


Go Thrift Shopping

For a few years I often took my daughter to our local thrift stores, and we had a great time. We'd both relax, browse for a good find, and then get lunch afterward.


Take Photos Of Each Other

Be ridiculous and have fun. Simple!


Go To The Movies

This activity forces you to put away technology and get lost in another world. And afterwards, you two can talk about whether you loved or loathed the film.


Cook A Meal

Or bake a dessert. Either wait, this activity allows you to discover new recipes, learn about each other's tastes, and eat.


Explore Your Town

Find a new trail you've never hiked or drive around a new area of town. Wandering through parts of your hometown together that you haven't before, coffee or hot chocolates in hand, creates beautiful memories.


Invite Grandma

Three generations of girls together is perfection.

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