Mutt dog sitting on grass, human arm is holding his head

17 Adorable Mutts To Follow On Instagram, Because They're Simply The Best

The single greatest thing to come from Instagram's invention is dogstagram accounts. Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can see a picture of a doggo eating ice cream whenever you want, but it also means you're at risk for a high fever — puppy fever. These mutt Instagram accounts won't help with that either.

Although mixed breeds are just as cute, purebred pups get a lot of attention on the internet. The most followed dog in the world is a Shiba Inu, and #goldenretriever has been used over 18 million times on the gram. (You won't regret exploring that tag, trust me.) But mixed breeds deserve some love, too, especially because most of the dogs you find in shelters are mutts (95 percent, according to the National Animal Interest Alliance), and seeing them online, happy and thriving, can help future dog owners realize that pups of multiple breeds aren't any less superior, intelligent, snuggly, and adorable than purebreds. Considering that 3.3 million dogs enter into shelters every year according to the ASPCA, there are millions of mutts just waiting for good homes. And checking out some of the cutest ones on Insta might encourage more people to adopt.

Plus, mutts combine the already adorable look of more than one breed, so there's even more to love. Whether you're looking to expand your family or just want to brighten your feed with some daily dog, these 17 pup-stars will brighten your day.


Gunther & Hudson

This account offers double doses of doggy goodness, showing off Gunther, a boxer golden mix, and Hudson, a pyrenees Rottweiler mix. The pups live in Cali, so there's lots of pics of them playing on the beach. Bonus: they're pals with a really cute corgi who makes cameos on their page.


Dawson the Boxsky

Dawson is a boxer husky mix, which makes him look a lot like Scooby Doo. His Instagram page shows him going on all sorts of adventures, so you can fuel your wanderlust and your pup love at the same time when you check out his feed.


Wrigley and Lulu

You can see pic after pic with these expressions if you give Wrigley and Lulu a follow. They spend a lot of time in the water, so you can see cute pics of wet dogs without having to deal with the smell of a wet dog.


Camber and Mugen

Camber and Mugen like to go on long hikes with their parents, so their account has no shortage of adventurous pictures.


Mascot & Flare

Mascot and Flare are another pair of doggy siblings you won't be able to get enough of. The captions on their posts have a lot of personality to keep you interested.



Ben's page doubles as a diary for his mom, so you can feel like you're actually friends with the pair as a follower in addition to getting the doggy cuteness.


Baylor & Maisie

You'll get grown dog and pup pics from Baylor and Maisie, Maisie just joined the fam a few months ago. It's the best of both worlds.



You'll want to be best buds with Steve after checking out his page. He's deaf and blind, but that doesn't stop him from having awesome beach adventures. (Or from being the cutest.)


Hungry Nike

Nike looks like a professional dog model in her photos, probably in part because her mom is a photographer. Look no further for high quality dog footage.



Cookie's spots are heartmeltingly cute, and they look good in every picture she takes.


Kai & Riley

You can watch Kai and Riley live their best life with their moms in Florida, where they sit around on beaches looking perfect. Goals.


JKLM Muttly Crew

Another dynamic duo, LeauxLeaux and KeauxKeaux just joined Insta in June, so you can get be one of their first fans if you follow now.



Freddy is pure #instagoals, as all of his photos look professional and show off his perky personality.


Ramsey the Cavapoochon

Ramsey looks like a real life teddy bear, with the cutest curly fur that will make you want a puppy cuddle even more than you already did. He's still a baby, so he'll be tiny in his pics for a while longer.


Cooper The Mutt

The page is dedicated to Cooper the cutie, but you'll also see a lot of other pups on the page because her parents foster other dogs as well. (And if you live in the New York area, following the page can double as a way to look for a pup of your own.)



Poppy is an emotional support dog according to her page, and her pictures definitely show off how sweet she is. Even just looking at her can make you feel better.



Duncan is the beagle cattle dog mix of your dreams, especially considering he's literally smiling in the majority of his photos. He's usually well-accessorized, rocking a colorful bandana, gold chain, or cozy scarf.