17 'Star Wars' Fashion Pieces That Literally Let You Wear Your Excitement On Your Sleeves

Want your fashion to reflect your love of Star Wars, but don't feel like going full cosplay? No worries. In anticipation of The Force Awakens coming out this month, retailer after retailer has jumped the bandwagon — or should I say starship — and released Star Wars clothing lines. Which means you've got options. From T-shirts to accessories, you can deck yourself out in apparel from a galaxy far, far away.

Some shirts are just references that only a true fan will recognize, while other items are just this side of costume. So whether you want to subtly show your support or flaunt your flashy fandom, there's a Star Wars piece for you. Your closet is longing for this amazing apparel...so start shopping.


The Classic Sweatshirt

With Disney's Star Wars pullover sweatshirt ($45) you can easily celebrate your fandom in a simple, straightforward way.


The Bucket Head Headpiece

Keep your noggin warm with J.C. Penny's storm trooper cuff beanie ($13). Just be careful before you choose the Dark Side.


Skywalker Sleepwear

If you want to dream of ewoks and light sabers, snuggle up to sleep in Khol's Star Wars pajamas ($30). You'll wake up and forget you're not on Tataouine.


A Sidekick Scarf

Droids make the best sidekicks, and since a scarf is basically a sidekick to your outfit, there's no better way to show your Star Wars affinity with this BB-8 infinity scarf ($25) from Think Geek.


The Greatest Graphic Tee

Casually and classically rep your obsession with Junk Food's Star Wars baseball tee ($44), that features both the logo and the main characters.


A Droid-y Dress

If you feel like going full fangirl, slip on Hot Topic's R2-D2 dress ($37). It's a good compromise between clothing and costume, allowing you to dress up as your favorite droid without having to stuff yourself into a metal tube.


Logo Leggings

It's winter, so why anyone would opt to wear pants over leggings is really beyond me. Target's Star Wars leggings ($13) let you rock your devotion in absolute comfort.


Jedi Jewelry

JCPenny's lightsaber earrings ($55) are a subtle ode to the best weapon of all time. They'll be the prefect, more badass accessory to any outfit.


Yoda's Best Lines

Wear words of wisdom with Spread Shirt's Do Or Do Not T-Shrit ($23). Anyone who can recognize the quote will appreciate your style, and anyone who doesn't should really step up their Star Wars game.


Shorts With The Force

Buy these as a gift for the guy in your life — or wear them yourself! Walmart's Star Wars boxer briefs ($10) are perfect for anyone the force is strong in.


DJ StormTropper

Bad guys can still groove. Show your silly side with Spread Shirt's stormtrooper DJ shirt ($21), which puts a new "spin" on a classic character.


A Dress For The Dark Side

Unleash your inner villain with Hot Topic's Darth Vader cape dress ($52). You'll look fantastically fierce and feminine.


Super Starship Shirt

"She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts," and this shirt proves that. Get technical with the Millennium Falcon blueprint tee ($28) from Spread Shirt.


The Wookiee Onsie

Get cozy in Target's Chewbacca onesie ($18). Just know that when you're wearing this you're basically required to speak in wookiee "talk."


The Cozy Character Sweatshirt

If you love that adorable droid, you need Disney's R2-D2 hoodie ($45) to throw on over everything this winter. Extra points if you can find and get your partner a matching C3-PO version.


A Silver Space Station Set

Who needs a diamond when you have a Death Star? With Think Geek's Star Wars jewelry set ($30) you'll be dripping in Death Stars.


17. The Perfect Piece

Every Star Wars superfan needs this sweatshirt in their wardrobe. K Mart's graphic pullover ($15) will wish well to everyone you pass. And there's no better Star Wars reference than the franchise's most iconic line: May the force be with you.