Courtesy of Dena Ogden

17 Things You Pretend Not To Like About Parenting, But That You Actually Love

I've never been a parent during any other point in history (as far as I know), so I don't have direct experience living through the trends of other eras. I hear that it used to be far tougher for moms to do laundry, procure butter and other tasty dairy products, and openly admit the common struggles of motherhood. Nowadays, we don't see this as much. Perhaps it's thanks to the Internet, or to Pinterest backlash (please, who has time to use that much gold spray paint? Whoever you are, call me, because I could use your help), or to the fact that texting allows us to secretly message our mom friends without our kiddo knowing what we're saying ("OMG SO MANY DIAPERS"). Either way, we now live in a time and space where complaining about parenthood seems to be the norm. On a personal note, while I could do with fewer rash and diaper blowout pictures on my newsfeed, I am glad to know that there are ways for me to connect and share my experiences with other parents.

All that said, sometimes my feelings are much more complicated than I'm letting on. Parenthood isn't as simple as, "I like this part, and this part sucks." And, is the Internet really the place to get super-specific on the ups and downs of tiny details like dried milk in sippy cup straws, and diaper bins that don't block the smell no matter how often you change the liner? Wait, don't answer that. Now is not the time. We have a whole list of things to cover about parenting that seem bad, but actually aren't (at least, not always).

Late-Night Moments With Your Kiddo

Please allow me to clarify: I do not mean the act of being roused from a deep sleep by shrill crying, or of getting out of a warm bed to traipse down the hall, too sleepy to grab a robe or a sweatshirt to put over your pajamas so then you get cold. I mean the actually quiet moments shared with your kid when the rest of the house is silent, when there's no one but the two of you, when your presence calms them, and when their heavy breathing and the weight of their head on your shoulder does the same for you.

Folding Tiny Clothes

It takes all of my willpower to not climb into the laundry basket and snuggle on the softness. If loving everything about (clean) baby jammies is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Kid-Friendly Movies And TV Programming

Do I ever want to turn off the claymation sheep and CG robots? I mean, sure, sometimes. But would I prefer them to some of the darker stuff on the evening news and appearing regularly in adult-themed programming? Yes. Yes, I would, and I'm not ashamed.

Stickers And Coloring And Whatever Other Paper-Centric Crafts Your Kiddo Is Down For

Sure, sometimes these activities can feel kind of monotonous, but on the spectrum of things that I might have to — I mean, get to — do everyday as a mom? I love sticker time.

The Stash Of Kid-friendly Snacks In Your Kitchen At All Times

Confession: At this very moment, there is an empty dish next to me that, only moments ago, held Goldfish crackers. My toddler is not even home right now.

Avoiding Key Words

The English major in me is always trying to come up with ridiculous synonyms, instead of simply spelling the words. That's why, in our household, we call blueberries "tiny midnight orbs" and bananas are "tropical yellows." Give it a try, you'll like it.

Having An Extra Bag Of Stuff Wherever You Go

OK, yes, hauling around extra gear isn't always ideal, but I love the feeling of being prepared. #ScoutAtHeart

Crawling On The Floor After Your Toddler

How long is he going to let me play with him like this? I want to pretend like it will last forever.

Singing Endless Lullabies And Songs

Because now it's no longer weird to dig deep and pull out my favorite camp songs of the mid/late '90s.

A Reason To Always Stay Home

I'm a homebody by nature, so staying in is rarely a problem. That said, parenthood has unlocked some next-level indoor tendencies. I'm working on it, I swear! (*cough*)

Constant Pants-Tugging

Does the feeling of knowing your child wants you ever get old?

When Your Kiddo Seems To Prefer The Other Parent

My partner and I are still trying to wrap our head on just what the patterns are, but we've picked up on a few key circumstances where he gravitates towards one of us over the other. While I'm not sure how I'd feel if our leaned more heavily toward one of us on a regular basis, in reality it's split pretty evenly I can enjoy and appreciate the times I get to watch my husband be a dad.

Never Having Room For Anything On Your Phone

Technically, being out of storage space is pretty annoying. But I love what it represents: that my camera roll is full of pictures of my son.

The Times When They'll Only Sleep On You

I think there's a pattern here: I like snuggling my son when he's sleepy.

When Your Coffee Gets Cold

Hear me out: I like this one because it gives me the excuse to make another cup.

The Only Way To Grab Enough Sleep Is By Napping

OK, yes, this is an inconvenient and a lofty dream on certain days. That said, the days when you're actually able to do it? AMAZING.

Speaking Of Napping: Their Nap Time

Just kidding! Nap time is pretty much the best part of parenthood.