17 Times Your Best Friend Proves That She Really Is Your Bestie

by Shannon Fiedler

There are all levels of friendship out there: coworkers, neighbors, old friends, new friends. But there is no bond like the one you share with your best friend. She's the girl you can be totally yourself around, who will always be there when you need a shoulder to cry on, and who will never say no to ordering takeout.

She isn't always the one you've known the longest, or even the one you spend the most time with. But there are certain ways someone proves she really is your best friend — she cares about you, she jokes with you, and she just gets you. She's the Tina to your Amy. The Rachel to your Monica. The Oprah to your Gayle. You've celebrated together, cried together and done a whole lot of nothing together, but no matter what you are doing — good, bad or boring — you're always just happy to be together.

Best friends, like all friends, are loyal. They're kind. You share a sense of humor. You like going out together. But in addition to these typical friendship traits, there are certain instances that set your best friend apart. These are the times that make her deserving of her title as "Best." And that's why you love her so darn much.


When She Understands You From Just A Look

Words? Unnecessary. You guys can communicate with just eyebrow raises.


When She's Truly Happy For Your Success

No green-eyed monster here. Your best friend sincerely wants the best for you, and is maybe even happier than you are when something goes right.


When She Stops You From Making A Really Poor Decision

That time you almost drunk texted your high school boyfriend? She took away your phone. Even though you tried to convince her it really was a good idea, she didn't cave in.


When She Won't Post A Bad Photo Of You, Even Though She Looks Cute

This is like, Girl Code 101.


When She Hates All Of Your Enemies

She hates people she's never even met — and I mean vehemently hates them — because one time they snubbed you. I'm talking everything from crazy exes to that barista who always spells your name wrong on purpose.


When She Anticipates Your Junk Food Needs

You've had a rough day, and suddenly she arrives at your door with a large pepperoni pizza and a pint of Ben & Jerry's because she just gets you like that.


When She Gives You The Honest Truth

She'll tell you when an outfit looks bad and she won't lie when you ask her what she thinks of your new beau. She knows the importance of being honest, and even if it might hurt your feelings she knows it's better to help you out.


When She Spends Hours Analyzing A Text Message From A Potential Suitor With You

She'll spend two hours on the phone with you evaluating his punctuation use and help you to craft the perfect response back, right down to using the right emoji. She knows how important this is.


When She Plays Wingwoman

She can talk you up, make you look super cool, and get anyone at the bar to ask for your number.


When She Encourages You To Follow Your Dreams

She's always pushing you to be the best version of yourself. She knows you have a lot of potential, and wants to make sure you live up to it.


When She Knows Your Coffee Order

If you meet her for breakfast, she's already ordered your complicated latte, just how you like it.


When She Knows Your Wine Preference

She never comes over with a bottle of red when she knows you prefer white. And she knows how you feel about Chardonnay, so she always gets the Pinot.


When She Can Communicate With You Via Snapchat And Emoji Only

You're always talking to her, but rarely with words. Ugly selfies and flan emojis are your main form of communication.


When She Helps You With Your Personal Hygine

She does your hair, helps you tweeze your eyebrows, and maybe even gave you a hand waxing your legs. It's ok, you're close.


When She Laughs At Your Dumb Jokes

Nobody else gets the punchline, but she's practically peeing herself.


When She'll Go Out With You When You Really Need Her Even Though She's Already In Her Pajamas

Had a bad day? Or maybe you want to *accidentally* run into that hottie you just met? Or you just really need to go dancing? Even if she's exhausted, she'll find the energy to accompany you out.


When Every Time You Need Her, She's Always There And Really Listens

She listens to everything you need to say, really listens, and she always helps you out. Sometimes it's advice, sometimes it's letting you vent, and sometimes it's just giving you a hug.

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