17 Unique & Amazing Baby Names From Other Countries

When the time comes to chose a name for your baby-to-be, you're not alone in feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you're avoiding the pressure to choose a family name, or you're wanting to steer clear of the top 100 lists at all costs. Whatever your reasons, choosing an out of the box name for your child is a great way to start them off on a journey of individuality and creativity from the get go. If American names just aren't cutting it for you, why not turn to some of the unbelievably unique and amazing baby names from other countries?

While many popular American names get their roots from other cultures, names you've probably never heard of before are in no short supply. Every country has its own rich history— full of names, legends, traditions, and culture.

Regardless of whether or not your family hails from somewhere outside the States, choosing a name from another country is a great way to bring new traditions to your family, learn more about other cultures and give your child a name that, more than likely, none of her friends will have. So do yourself a favor and choose a name that takes the stress and pressure off of you and will make your child stand out from the crowd.

1. Elodie

Helene Samson/ Flickr

This melodious name is the French word for "foreign riches" and is a beautiful, more unique alternative to names like Melody or Harmony.

2. Coltrane


This Irish surname would be a unique boy's name and a fun tribute to the Jazz legend John Coltrane.

3. Taye

Hebe Aguilera/ Flickr

This name has Ethiopian roots and means "he has been seen." It's a gorgeous gender neutral option and a unique alternative to Taylor or Tatum.

4. Breccan


This adorable name is the Irish word for "speckled or freckled" and makes a great option for either a boy or a girl.

5. Zara


Zara is the Hebrew word for "princess or to blossom." Having gained a bit of traction recently, it's a gorgeous name with a beautiful meaning.

6. Luca

Beth Nazario/ Flickr

This Italian name means "man from Lucania," and it's a gender-neutral choice that would certainly stand out.

7. Gwendolyn

Anne Berit Heggem/ Flickr

This Welsh name meaning "white ring" has a beautiful, antique feel and is a unique choice for any baby girl.

8. Livia


Though this name could be mistaken for a shortened version of Olivia, it's actually a Latin name meaning "blue" that's stood on it's own for years.

9. Viktor

Jeremy SALMON/ Flickr

This name is a Russian alternative to Victor and means "conqueror" — a powerful choice for a baby boy.

10. Gianna

Theodore Scott/ Flickr

This gorgeous Italian name is pronouced "jahn-ah" and means "the Lord is gracious."

11. Pilar

Victor/ Flickr

The Spanish word for "pillar" is a popular name for baby girls, and has a slightly musical, sweet sound to it.

12. Bram

Jeremy SALMON/ Flickr

This Dutch version of Abraham means "father of multitudes" and would be hard to shorten further if you're looking for a name without many nicknames.

13. Fleur


The French word for "flower" is a gorgeous alternative to more common flower names like Rose or Daisy.

14. Nyala


Pronounced "nee-yah-lah", this Ethiopian word for "mountain goat" would be a gorgeous, totally unexpected choice for a little one.

15. Rooney


This Gaelic surname has been made popular by actress Rooney Mara, but it's still relatively uncommon. It means "descendant of champions" and is a powerful, gender neutral option.

16. Thane

Donnie Ray Jones/ Flickr

This Scottish name means "clan chieftain" and is a great alternative for similar sounding names like Shane or James.

17. Mika

f3nd1/ Flickr

Pronounced "mee-ka" or "my-ka" this sweet sounding name is the Japanese word for "God's child."