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17 Unique Baby Girl Names That'll Guarantee Your Daughter Stands Out

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So, you’re having a girl! Aside from the multitude of tasks you must accomplish before she arrives, you’re now faced with perhaps the most daunting task on your pre-baby to-do list — choosing a name. Because your daughter will (most likely) be identified by this moniker for her life, you want to find one that’s sweet and endearing enough for a baby, but one that she won’t roll her eyes at when she’s a teenager (or a “threenager” in some cases.) And, in some cases, you may want to find a totally unique baby girl name.

Look, there is nothing wrong with choosing a classic girl’s name. After all, these are the monikers that stand the test of time. But do you really want your daughter to be one of five Rebecca’s in her class? Not to mention, going with a unique baby name helps instill the idea that individuality is kind of awesome.

Still, picking a unique baby name isn’t easy. You want it to stand out enough that people think it’s cool, but not so much that they mock your choice. To aid in your search, we’ve compiled a list of unique and beautiful baby girl names that you won’t find on top ten most popular lists.



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Classy, yet unique, this name derives from the Italian word allegro, a musical term meaning upbeat or to play with joy. It’s the perfect, less known replacement for the more common name, Joy, and the name sounds just as lively and happy as the meaning suggests. Ally works well as a nickname too.



In Greek mythology Ariadne is associated with mazes and labyrinths, so your little one may be a puzzle wiz. This is a great choice if you’re aiming for classic yet original. This moniker is a lesser known form of the name Ariana, and it also sounds a bit like a more unexpected version of the gender-neutral name, Adrien.



Originally associated with the mythical daughter of the Greek deity Zeus, Cora has gained popularity with the success of Downton Abbey. The matriarch of the Grantham family is both beautiful and headstrong — all things you want your daughter to be. It’s a variant of the names Corinna or Corinne, which are also beautiful, unique choices.



If you couldn’t have a baby with Ryan Gosling, having a baby that shares a name with his daughter is a close second. Esmeralda comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word meaning emerald. Esmeralda is also a charming character in The Hunchback of Notre Dame book, and there was a Disney movie made after her character in 1996.



Short, fiery, and a little bit sassy, this name would be the perfect match for your little firecracker. It could be short for Emberly or an alternative to the much more popular Amber. If your daughter wants a slightly less unique name to go by (probably in those angsty middle school years), this name easily shortens to Em.



A Latin name meaning flourishing or prospering, Florence is more than an Italian city. Several iconic women share this moniker including the founder of modern nursing Florence Nightingale and musical badass Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine. I can see little Florence with a sister named Paris, London, or Odessa.


8. Hero

Culturally a masculine word, Hero of Greek mythology was actually a woman. What better way to empower your child? This option is strong and distinct, and no one will forget your daughter’s name, plus it will be fun for them to see their favorite superheroes with whom they share a title.



An elaborate, unique version of the more popular Gracen, this name has been used for both boys and girls. So if you’re looking for something unisex and unique, Gracen could be the name for your girl. Plus, it sounds a bit like the word ‘Grecian’ which calls to mind beauty.



A unique alternative to the tried and true Jessica or Jasmine, Jessamine is an earlier Persian spelling of the jasmine flower. It’s a feminine name that’s strong and elegant, plus the nickname of Jessa is cute and unique (and it’s a fun throwback to Jemima Kirke’s character on Girls).



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Meaning beautiful or peaceful, many millennial moms know this name thanks to the talented Lana del Ray. Not a bad namesake if you ask me. This name isn’t super common, but it’s still easy to pronounce, and your little one probably won’t be asked to spell their name every time they say it.



Among the top five most popular Scandinavian names, Linnea is a beautiful name reminiscent of Swedish flowers. The name specifically means lime tree, which conjures up a sweetness but also a strength and boldness, and it offers a unique and modern twist on the more common names Lynn or Linda.



The Norse word for life was made popular in America by actress Liv Tyler. You can use it as a nickname for Olivia, or let it stand on its own as a more catchy, unique name. It also works well as a nickname for Olive, another quirky and distinct name that is gaining in popularity.



Originally a Scottish boy’s name, Paisley has become more feminine thanks in part to the floral pattern with the same name. It’s also a common last name (you may have heard it because of country singer Brad Paisley) and this unique name has both a strength and softness to it.



Adventurous and down-to-earth, this name meaning bright fame would give your little girl a name to match her spunky personality. With the popularity of the singer Robyn, this name may get a little more mainstream, but it will always have a classic uniqueness to it (and it will always make people think of the loveable Christopher Robin).



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Meaning little redhead, this moniker was almost unheard of until Brooke Shields used it for her little girl in 2003. This name is used in both Irish and Arabic traditions, (in Arabic it means river in Paradise, which sounds pretty ideal). This name works well for boys or girls, and the nickname Row is also short and sweet.



Pronounced SEE-uh and meaning victory, this strong name became popular thanks to the Australian songstress behind “Chandelier.” But don’t worry. Naming your child Sia doesn’t mean she’ll be swinging from the ceiling anytime soon (hopefully) but it does mean she’ll have a distinct yet short name that is totally unforgettable.



Perhaps the most unique of them all for utilizing the infamous letter “Z,” Zaylee is both carefree and unique. This could be a substitute for more popular names like Kaylee or Hayley. Zaylee is of Australian-origin and means flower, plus how cool and distinctive is the nickname Zay?

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