17 Vegetarian Holiday Dishes For Those Who Don't Like Carving The Roast Beast

by Shannon Fiedler

The holidays are about spreading good will, spending time with loved ones, and celebrating the magic of the season. Oh, and they're also about food. This time of year, people are bombarded with delicious dishes and desserts, but that can be somewhat challenging when you don't eat meat. Finding good vegetarian holiday recipes isn't always easy, since the ham or the roast beef (or roast beast if you're a Whovian) tends to be the star of the show when it comes to dinnertime.

But that doesn't mean there aren't amazing holiday dishes out there for you to choose from that don't require meat. And in some cases, they are even easier to prepare than the traditional roast or turkey. From pastas to stuffed vegetables to casseroles, there are tons of things you can make that will leave you feeling satisfied and full. No more munching on side dishes while everyone else bites into a prime rib. By whipping up one of these 17 vegetarian-friendly recipes, you can enjoy the main meal this year. But be careful — if you share these delicious dishes with others, there may not be any left for you.


Pumpkin Sage Alfredo Pappardelle With Brown Butter

A Cozy Kitchen's pumpkin sage Alfredo brings seasonal flavors to your pasta this holiday in this creamy, sweet dish.


Vegan Shepherd's Pie

You can still have a hearty meal even if there's no meat in it, and Ari's Menu's shepherd's pie recipe proves just that.


Slow Cooker Winter Vegetable Soup With Split Red Lentils

Blogging Over Thyme's seasonal soup will warm you up inside. And it includes veggies that will be full of flavor this time of year, for an even better taste.


Baked Tofu with White Wine, Mustard, and Dill

Who needs meat when you have tofu? Try Big Girls, Small Kitchen's perfect tofu recipe that will have even your carnivorous friends begging for seconds.


Crispy Winter Squash Gnocchi With Brown Butter, Tarragon, and Hazelnuts

Ziti with marinara sauce is fine and dandy, but that standard pasta has nothing on Adventures In Cooking's winter squash gnocchi.


Stuffed Zucchini Boats With Quinoa and Pine Nuts

A Spicy Perspective's stuffed zucchini boats are a filling main course — no meat required.


Butternut Squash and Feta Hand Pies

For an unusual but delicious combination of flavors, try Blogging Over Thyme's butternut squash and feta hand pies. With a crispy outside and a warm inside, they're sure to be a hit!


Baked Caprese Gnocchi

If you want a dish that everyone will love, try Simply Delicious' Caprese gnocchi. The classic flavors are delectable and a definite crowd pleaser.


Three Cheese Apple Cranberry Pizza

A perfect appetizer, Ari's Menu's apple cranberry pizza is sophisticated, but still has an element of fun to it, being a pizza after all. And anything with three cheese is an instant win in my book.


Easy No-Stir Mushroom Risotto

Not feeling pasta this holiday? Make Blogging Over Thyme's mushroom risotto for a change of pace. The recipe does call for chicken stock, but you can substitute with vegetable broth instead.


Lentil Salad With Apple Cider Vinegarette

Have a protein-rich but vegetarian and delicious side this Christmas with A Spicy Perspective's lentil salad.


Cheesy Vegetable Bake

For something completely decadent, try Simply Delicious' savory veggie bake. Full of vegetables and cheeses it's bound to be an instant favorite.


Acorn Squash Boats

A Cozy Kitchen's acorn squash dish combines the scrumptious winter vegetable with farro and and feta, making it irresistibly delicious.


Brussels Sprouts Fontina Mac & Cheese

Grown-up-ify a childhood favorite with Ari's Menu's Brussels sprouts mac and cheese...because who doesn't want mac and cheese on Christmas day?


Roasted Vegetable Tortilla Lasagna

Add a Mexican flair to a Christmas classic with A Pretty Life In The Suburb's tortilla lasagna — this fun spin on lasagna will make your holiday meal unique.


Butternut Squash and Apple Casserole With Maple Walnut Crumble The Healthy Foodie's butternut squash casserole a dinner or a dessert? It doesn't really matter, because it is so full of great flavors you'll want to eat it all day long.


Eggplant Parmesan Rigatoni

Eggplant parmesan is the perfect vegetarian friendly holiday dish, and Big Girls Small Kitchen's deconstructed eggplant parm is an easy way to serve the classic staple this year.

Images: Courtesy of Simply Delicious; A Cozy Kitchen; Ari's Menu; Blogging Over Thyme; Big Girls, Small Kitchen; Adventures In Cooking; A Spicy Perspective; Blogging Over Thyme; Simply Delicious; Ari's Menu; Blogging Over Thyme; A Spicy Perspective; Simply Delicious; A Cozy Kitchen; Ari's Menu; A Pretty Life In The Suburbs; The Healthy Foodie; Big Girls, Small Kitchen