17 Ways To Know You Need A New Gynecologist

I once had a gynecologist I adored so much, I cried in the stirrups when she told me she was retiring. After she left me in the room to dry my tears, her nurse turned to me and said, "you'll never find anyone as good as her," which only made my sobs increase. I had no choice, I had to find a new doctor. For me, I had no other option, but having your fave doctor retire isn't the only way to know you need a new gynecologist. Sometimes the signs are all pointing to switching care providers, you just have to take note.

No matter how sad I was, I couldn't let my lady parts suffer just because I had become attached to someone. So the hunt for my new gynecologist began. To make sure I found the right person, I made a list of what I was looking for in a gyno. My hope was, thinking about what I wanted ahead of time would save me from needing to switch again. Unfortunately, I had to fire three doctors before I found the gynecologist that was right for me.

Knowing what to look for in a care provider will also help you be more certain about finding a new gynecologist. Take a look at these 17 common reasons you should start finding a new gynecologist, because ain't nobody got time for poor health care.


They Make You Uncomfortable

Let's face it, you're pretty vulnerable at the gyno's office. She sees all your business and knows your sexual history. But as Very Well pointed out, trust your instincts and change doctors if you don't feel comfortable. There is no need to feel you have to justify this to anyone, just make the switch based on your gut feeling.


They Keep You Waiting

When you have an appointment scheduled, you expect to be seen around the time the appointment is for. If you feel like your time is not being respected, it's a sign you should find a new doctor, according to the website for U.S. News and World Report.


They Don't Listen To You

If you like to take a holistic approach to your health, you're doctor should respect that wish. Although your gyno may not agree with all types of alternative medicine, she should be open and respectful when you discuss other treatments you have or want to try, as Health Central's website pointed out.


They Make You Hate Visits

If the thought of going to visit your gyno causes you dread, it's clear you need to find someone new. I'm not talking about being less that excited to toss your feet up in the stirrups — if you just plain don't like or get along with your gynecologist it's time to move on.


They Aren't In Your Network

Even if you love your gyno, it may not be financially responsible to keep seeing them if they stop taking your insurance. According to the website for Blue Cross and Blue Shield, doctors in your network will cost you less than doctors out of network.


They Aren't At Your Hospital

It might not be something you think you need, but there are advantages to your gyno having credentials at your hospital. As Forbes magazine pointed out, "being a member of the staff allows your own doctor to look at the chart and be involved in your care should the need arise." This is also an advantage if your gynecologist also practices obstetrics and is who you would like to care for you if you become pregnant.


They Stop Trying

You want a gynecologist who will keep trying until they get to the bottom of an ongoing problem. If you're doctor insists there is nothing that can be done to treat your condition, it's a sign you need a new care provider, according to the website for AARP.


They Body Shame

There is no excuse for any form of body shaming from your doctor. If your gyno makes remarks that any any way make you feel like you have been shamed, walk out that door and don't look back. This is not someone you want as a guide for your health.


They Deny Testing For A Diagnosis

When you go to your gyno looking for help with a medical concern, you want to feel heard. If a doctor gives you a diagnosis that you disagree with and won't entertain options for further tests, you need to move on for a second opinion, as Self magazine pointed out.


They Have Bad Bedside Manner

Just because a doctor may be brilliant in their field, doesn't give them the right to be rude. According to Consumer Report's website, most people choose their doctor based on compatibility and personality. If you and your gyno aren't meshing, it's likely there is another one out there who will be a better match for you.


They Have Outdated Ideas

If your gyno is so old school that she won't even consider any treatment or medication that was developed after 1982, then it's a good sign that you need to move on. A doctor that is trapped in time is not in touch with what you need and is denying you options that other doctors embrace.


They Have Unprofessional Behavior

It's pretty easy to spot unprofessional behavior, and you can't let it slide. According to the website for the Medical Protection Society, if a doctor is inappropriate in any way or violates any aspect of their position, you should stop being their patient.


They Don't Explain Things

When your gyno suggests a medication or treatment, you should be crystal clear on the why and how everything is going down. As U.S. News and World Report pointed out, when a doctor doesn't share all your test results with you, as well as explain why she is recommending certain treatment, you should fire her and find someone new.


They Are Rude About Second Opinions

Getting a diagnosis can be alarming sometimes, and hearing the professional opinion of another doctor may be necessary to confirm things for you. "A good doctor understands your right to be well informed and should support a second opinion," according to website for Patient Advocacy Foundation. If your gyno is rude or discourages you from getting a second opinion, she doesn't have your best interest at heart.


They Don't Help You Progress

When working with your gyno on an ongoing or chronic issue, you should start to see progress, or at least start exploring other options. If you are not making seeing results in your treatment, do yourself a favor and find another doctor who can help solve the problem.


They Don't Talk To Your Other Doctors

Seeing multiple doctors means they should all be in communication about your health care issues. If your gyno doesn't reach out or respond to your other doctors about your health care, you should find someone else who is willing to be a team player, as Forbes pointed out.


They Have A Disorganized Staff

Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to work with a disorganized staff at your doctors office. According to Health Central, if your gyno's office doesn't return your calls or call in your prescriptions, it's not worth it to keep being a patient at that office.