17 White Tattoo Ideas That Are Anything But Conventional

by Sarah Bunton

Over the past few decades, everything from piercings and tattoos to unnatural hair colors to envelope-pushing fashion has become less taboo in mainstream society. Sure, there are still going to be some people who will warn you that visible ink might hurt your chances at a job interview, but for the most part the majority of people really don't care if you're sporting a tattoo or two (or more). As any kind of beauty enhancement or body modification becomes more normalized, trends begin to evolve. Recently, you may have seen white tattoo ideas that are anything but conventional. Just the fact that people are rocking non-traditional white ink is a statement in and of itself.

What really seems to have a lot of people hopping on the white ink bandwagon is that it's not as noticeable as black or colorful tattoos are. So, someone who might be a little hesitant to commit to a permanent piece of art on their body could feel more comfortable going the subtle route with a discreet, white tattoo. On the flip side, if you're an inked up veteran and you're looking to switch things up and try something new, an alternative white ink piece could be just the ticket. So if you're looking for something a little different, then check out these Instagram users whose white tattoos are anything but conventional.


Forge A Bond

If you want to show that the link between family and love is inseparable, then this piece could be right up your alley. It's somewhat subtle, but still unique.


Circle It

There's just something super calming about meditating on a design of concentric circles. Far from conventional, this white ink design is entrancingly beautiful.


Pick Your Patronus

Combining the clean lines of geometric shapes with the raw vibe of nature, this tattoo works in a variety of ways. Perhaps you can give a nod to your personal patronus, too.


Play It Out

If you're a music-lover at heart, what better way to pay tribute to your artistic passion? This simple yet stunning music note tattoo is perfect to honor your creative side.


Love Animals

If a furry friend holds the key to your heart, so be it. Embrace your animal lover side with a piece as perfect as this one.


Get Spiritual

Whether you like intricate designs or you embrace your spiritual nature, this circle of life design is certainly a showstopper.


Celebrate Simplicity

Being unique doesn't always have to mean going over the top. You can opt for a simple, streamlined piece like this that still has an exquisite style to it.


Flourish Fabulously

Flowers in bloom always seem to evoke a sense of beauty and an appreciation for life around you. This statement piece is sure to do just that.


Keep Calm

Classics are classics for a reason, right? Take a twist on the traditional lotus flower by opting for a white ink design.


Complement & Contrast

Whether you have a preexisting piece or you want to get something new entirely, you can add depth to your body art by combining a white ink tattoo with a traditional black or colorful one.


Keep A Secret

Though the person in this image has short hair, one of the perks of getting a tattoo in a discrete location. Adding a white ink piece to the nape of your neck can be easily hidden by your hair and can even be your little secret.


Center Yourself

Many people like to use symbols, such as the om, to help them meditate and feel centered. This beautiful white ink mandala with a sacred icon at its core is a lovely reminder to stay focused.


Embrace Your Identity

One mother who has vitiligo, a skin condition that affects pigment, chose to embrace her natural beauty by highlighting her features with a beautiful paisley style white ink tattoo.


Make Your Mark

One of the interesting aspects of white ink tattoos is how they finely intricate they can be. This lovely, lacy leaf design is mesmerizing with its detailed artwork.


Switch Up Your Sleeve Style

Some people are hesitant to commit to a full sleeve of ink, but this gorgeous white ink tattoo puts an unconventional spin on the style. You can continue to add to a piece like this, too, or keep it streamlined.


Complete A Pair

A unique way to bring together two different aesthetics is to get a set of white ink tattoos. Like the artwork above, a complex snake design is paired with a delicate rose.


Bear Your Biceps

If you think the floral design on your upper arm has been overdone, you might be right. However, by using white ink, this bicep piece takes it to a new level.