18 Dog Names Inspired By Snack Foods, That The Whole Family Can Get Behind


So, you just got a new addition to your family, and it's not a new baby — it's a furry, hyper little puppy. No matter how long you've been planning for this day, that doesn't make the name-picking process any easier, especially if you're trying to get multiple family members on the same page. But what's one thing that everyone is a fan of? Snacks. Why not name your dog after your family's favorite go-to snack? You have to admit, it's a pretty cute idea.

Everyone has a favorite snack, and some especially make for a unique pet name, like Nacho, Popcorn, and Cheddar, just to name a few. The point is, your options are endless, and this is an excellent opportunity for you and your family to get creative. Plus you'll probably get some bonus points at the dog park. You not only want a name that grabs the attention of people who meet your dog, but you also want to make sure that it suits your dog's personality and that it's relatively easy to say because you'll be saying it a lot.

So, get the whole family together and take a look through your pantry and read through this list for some inspiration.

1. Oreo


The dog name Oreo is actually not unheard of for black and white pups. Especially if your dog has a distinct streak down it's face, belly, or back, it can be perfectly fitting.

2. Coconut

The best thing about this name is that it's less about the breed that you give it to, but the dog's personality. It works for any playful pup with lots of energy. You can even call them Coco for short.

3. Popcorn

Give this moniker to your pup who has an impressive leap. Bonus points if they have yellow fur that's the color of buttered popcorn.

4. Nacho

Yell the name Nacho at a dog park, and I dare you to find someone who doesn't love it. This name is everything and great for a dog with a big personality.

5. Tater Tot


If you have two dogs, break this up into two names and you've got the perfect set of monikers.

6. Croissant

Croissant feels like a name that suits a dog of mixed breeds — a dog of many layers named after a pastry of many layers.

7. Tzatziki

The name of this popular and delicious dip just rolls off the tongue in the most perfect way, and it sounds like a great name for an easy-going pooch that's got a bit of spunk.

8. Cashew

Here's a name that any light-haired could rock. If you want to go nuts, you can call them Cash for short.

9. Cheddar

If you've got a favorite cheese, think about naming your pup after it. Cheddar is cute, but so is Gouda, Parm (short for Parmesan), Reg (short for Reggiano... you get the picture.

10. Sausage


Obviously there is one dog breed that fits this name better than most...

11. Almond

Can you imagine how cute it would be if your tiny Yorkie, or other brown-haired pooch, were named Almond?

12. Berry

Lots of people love berries. Whether you have a favorite (strawberry or blueberry), or love them all the same, it's an adorable name for your dog, and you could also spell it as "Barry" if you're trying not to play up the food association.

13. Cereal

We all have a favorite type of cereal. If you and your family can't decide on whether they're team Kix or Team Trix, just calling your dog "Cereal" is actually pretty cute. Plus you can give them the name Cece.

14. Frito

You're not the only one who will love calling your four-legged bff "Frito."

15. Kit-Kat


You can give this name to one dog, or, even better, break it up between two dogs. It doesn't get any cuter or sweeter than that.

16. Bugles

If you think this yummy chip is irresistible, and you think your Beagle is irresistible, well then, you've found the perfect name for your pup.

17. Ruffles

Think about giving this popular wave-shaped chip to your water-loving dogs. Bonus points if he likes to surf.

18. Pita

Whether you're obsessed with pita chips or pita bread, the name Pita is an undeniably cute name for a dog.