18 Holiday Memes To Bring You The Best Kind Of Joy


The holiday season might very well be the most eventful time of the year. There are recipes to be made, gifts to be bought, office parties to attend, and everything in between. But you also can’t forget about the chilly weather, calling for several cups of hot cocoa near a cozy fire. And in a world driven by social media, there’s a good chance that ridiculous holiday memes will be sprinkled throughout the festivities. The internet truly has no chill.

In true meme fashion, holiday memes poke fun at the silly struggles everyone faces during this time. Often, they are super relatable, warranting a much-needed chuckle. It proves that you aren’t alone in your ridiculously festive (or non-festive) thoughts. And when it features a goofy cat or an adorable baby, how can you not smile? It is festive sarcasm at its finest. I mean, it might just be what you need in the middle of the holiday stress. I know you feel me on this one.

In celebration of the holidays, take a minute to scroll through this list of 18 funny holiday memes. Don’t forget to send a few to friend sand family—you never know who could use a good laugh.

1. Wino Workout

Now here's an exercise routine I can get behind.

2. The Grinch

If your spirit animal is the Grinch, you'll be able to relate to this one.

3. Festive And Furry

Fingers crossed this group of carolers comes to my door this year.

4. Goodbye

RIP Christmas ornaments. You will be dearly missed.

5. The Definition Of Joy

Meet the Grinch's worst (and cutest) enemy.

6. So Little Time

The struggle is real, people.

7. Us Versus Them

There is no such thing as in between.

8. All I Want Is Christmas

Not just festive, but extra festive. Woah.

9. Say Cheese


10. What Funds?

Everyone's been there.

11. Lazy Yet Clever

To the homeowners on the left, I think I love you.

12. Round Two

Because there is always room for another dinner.

13. Merry Michael

Michael Bublé literally sounds like Christmas.

14. Never Mind

I guess Santa needs a break, anyway.

15. Eight Days

No one is as stoked as this baby.

16. Whoops

We are all guilty of this. All of us.

17. It's Lit

Don't forget to "turn up" the holiday music.

18. The Best Gift

Now, if only this actually existed.