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18 Super Inspiring Quotes To Put On Your Graduation Cap

by Emily Westbrooks

I'll admit that when I graduated from high school and college, decorating your graduation cap wasn't just frowned upon, we were threatened with expulsion if we did so much as iron the gown the wrong way. It seems things have loosened just a little in the decade since I walked across the stage to pick up my diploma, and soon-to-be graduates are decorating their caps with incredible artwork and bling. If you're searching for the perfect quote for your graduation caps, look no further.

Whether you're trying to send a subtle thank you to your teachers for helping you get this far, or sharing your wildest dreams for the future with your friends and family, this list of quotes for graduation caps will get you started.

Now, in a throwback to how you started your schooling, you just have to get crafty. Break out the glitter and glue, stickers and sequins, and make sure your friends and family can spot your hat from the crowd. Tipping your hat back on your head ensures more people will be able to see your designs, and then, of course, comes the other major thing that has popped up since I graduated — the perfect selfie for Instagram.


"Go Forth And Set The World On Fire" — St. Ignatius of Loyola

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Spanish priest Ignatius knew how to get the crowd going, capturing exactly the sentiment that graduates should feel embarking on the next step of their lives.


"Opportunity Dances With Those Who Are Already On The Dance Floor" — H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Jackson Brown, Jr., an author who was best known for his book, Life's Little Instruction Book, also coined the phrase "live and learn and pass it on."


"Your Imagination Is Your Preview Of Life" — Albert Einstein

Graduation is always a time of great promise of what's to come, and this clipped quote from Albert Einstein (the full is "Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions") is a good reminder that your imagination is your only limitation.


"The End Is Just The Beginning"

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It might feel sad to be graduating and moving away from friends you've spent the last several years with, but it's the beginning of a new adventure!


"The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams" — Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor was so wise, wasn't she? Yes, it's a bit long to squeeze onto a cap, but it's a motivational quote that you and your fellow graduates are sure to love. I can see this one being especially glittery. Really illustrate the beauty of your dreams with sparkles.


"Attitude Determines Your Direction"

Most likely your attitude has determined how far you've come and what you've achieved thus far, and it will continue to influence what your future holds.


"Don't Cry Because It's Over, Smile Because It Happened"

I was never great with change, so my tendency was definitely to cry. But with the benefit of a few years of perspective, I now know to smile remembering the experience.


A Photo Is Worth 2018 Words

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Here's a clever way to incorporate your graduating year into your cap, and it's also kind of true.


"As Knowledge Increases, Wonder Deepens" — Charles Morgan

Knowledge, of course, is a big part of what you just went through over the last two or four years of college or high school, and keeping your sense of wonder will only make that knowledge more special.


"Life Is Far Too Important To Be Taken Seriously" — Oscar Wilde

For a lighter mood, this Oscar Wilde quote shows both your commitment to making the most of your life, but not taking yourself too seriously in the process.


"All Dreams Can Come True" — Walt Disney

And now that you've achieved one dream of graduating, you can start working toward the next one, with the courage to make it happen.


"Right Here Is A Future [Insert Profession Here]"

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If you're walking that stage with a career plan set in stone, then now's a good time to proclaim it on your cap.


"Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams" — Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau just oozes calm, cool wisdom, doesn't he? He's a great author to quote on graduation day when things can get a bit frenzied.


"Destiny Is A Matter Of Choice." — William Jennings Bryan

You made a lot of choices in order to get to this point — choices to show up, to do the work, to get to bed early so you could actually make that 8 a.m. class — and they all helped determine your destiny. If you're able to squeeze the long version of this quote onto your cap, here it is: "Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice."


"Obstacles Don't Have To Stop You" — Michael Jordan

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We all faced obstacles that could have kept us from graduating, and there are more, even bigger challenges to come. But on graduation day, you can be reminded of basketball great Michael Jordan's advice that they don't have to keep you from your dreams.


"Success Is No Accident" — Pelé

Soccer star Pelé is just the right person to quote to remind everyone of how much work you put in to get across that stage to your diploma.


"Turn Your Dreams Into Plans"

Nothing like graduation to show that you've turned things you thought weren't possible into possibilities!


"She Believed She Could, So She Did" — R.S. Grey

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Attributed to the author R.S. Grey, this quote shows the power of believing in your own ability to reach your dreams.