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Here Are 18 Shows Returning This January That You Can't Miss

The start of a new year is always especially tough. Without the holidays to look forward to, all you can do is bemoan the cold weather until everything finally starts to thaw. But while you're shivering on your couch and stressing about keeping your resolutions, you'll have plenty of TV to keep you company. There are at least 18 shows returning in January 2019 that you've been waiting for since they went on hiatus. But even these are just a smattering of all the shows coming back next month — this list doesn't even count series premieres!

January will be the month of the sitcom: it seems like every network has a half-hour comedy or three that will be back to entertain you during the drudgery of the new year. But that's not all you have to look forward to. A few critically acclaimed series will be back too, as well as some hour-long dramas and reality TV. January basically has it all, including some bittersweet news. More than a few of these shows will be returning for the final time and finishing out their last season.

But there's no need to worry about that yet. Just enjoy the fact that you'll have 18 TV shows to tune into this January.

Grown-ish (Jan. 2)

The second season of the Black-ish spinoff Grown-ish will be back on Freeform almost as soon as January begins. Zoey will continue to explore her independence at college as she starts her sophomore year.

Fresh Off The Boat (Jan. 4)

Fresh off the Boat took a mini break in the middle of Season 5 for the holidays, but lucky fans won't have to wait long for it to continue.

Speechless (Jan. 4)

All of ABC's Friday night sitcoms will be back soon, with Speechless accompanying Fresh off the Boat in January.

The Bachelor (Jan. 7)

If you're eager to see Colton Underwood launch his stint on The Bachelor, then you're in luck: Season 23 is right around the corner.

Black-ish (Jan. 8)

The entire Johnson family is picking up where they left off come January, with parent show Black-ish returning to ABC just a few days after the premiere of its spinoff.

You're The Worst (Jan. 9)

The fifth and final season of You're the Worst will see the two worst people in Los Angeles considering a walk down the aisle after four seasons spent proving they are terribly, horribly right for each other.

Modern Family (Jan. 9)

Modern Family made a big announcement in "Stuck In A Moment" before it went on break: Hayley and Dylan were expecting a kid. When the show comes back, the family will surely be reeling from all the changes that will bring.

Single Parents (Jan. 9)

Still in the middle of its freshman season, Single Parents may continue to win audiences over when it returns.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Jan. 10)

After being rescued by NBC after an unexpected cancellation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be back for eighteen episodes, starting in a few weeks.

The Good Place (Jan. 10)

After bringing its protagonists on a bureaucratic tour of the afterlife, The Good Place will finally explore its titular location when it returns.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Jan 11)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been putting the pieces in place as it sets up for the last half of its final season. If you've followed Rebecca this far, you'll want to see if she finds her happy ending.

True Detective (Jan. 13)

The third season of HBO's True Detective changes up the cast once again. This time, Mahershala Ali stars as Arkansas state police detective Wayne Hays.

This Is Us (Jan. 15)

After the fall finale left audiences with a lot of questions (why would you tease the demise of Randall and Beth, show?!), This is Us returns to hopefully provide some answers.

Grey's Anatomy (Jan. 17)

Rest easy: your Thursday night lineup will be restored to ABC soon. Season 15 of Grey's Anatomy will be back before you know it.

How To Get Away With Murder (Jan. 17)

And Grey's will be followed by How to Get Away with Murder. The show may finally explain Gabriel Maddox's master plan now that fans know his identity.

Broad City (Jan. 24)

After four seasons of relentless hilarity, Broad City ends its run with its fifth season. Treasure each and every one of those episodes, because there won't be any more after they're done.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Jan. 25)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will also saying goodbye as soon as the second half of its fourth season debuts on Netflix.

Will & Grace (Jan. 31)

A few weeks without Will & Grace might have been unbearable, so thankfully that dearth will be over in no time.

If January gets you down, then these 18 shows should be able to cheer you up (or at least keep you busy) as you start a brand new year.

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