19 Baby Names Inspired By Famous Feminists


Whether you have an affection for traditional names, or tend to lean toward the modern, there are plenty of options for baby names inspired by famous feminists that sound strong in every time period. There is a large pool of women and men who've dedicated their lives to making changes in the world in the name of gender equality, which means there are some fantastic iconic names to pass on to your future change-maker. With such a rich group of inspiration, naming a girl or boy after a celebrated feminist leader is an easy task.

The Women's Rights leaders of today are part of a lineage that dates back to the women who blazed the trail before them. Passing on the names of these pioneers seems like the perfect way to honor the warriors of the past, by encouraging the next generation of feminists. Think of how proud your child will be when they hear the many accomplishments of the activist they were named after. Hopefully, it will fill them with the drive to be a voice for equality as well.

Before you scroll through another list of names and meanings for your baby, consider one of these 19 names that any little feminist would be proud to scribble on a piece of paper.

1. Eva


Argentina's beloved leader, Eva Peron, was a huge education activist and played a key role in helping women receive college educations in her country. She also worked to bridge the gap between poverty and privilege, as well as increase employment rates.  

2. Scott


Coretta Scott King was the wife of Civil Right leader Martin Luther King, and a respected leader in her own right. Speaking out on issues of race and gender equality make her a great namesake for any future change-maker.

3. Maya


Any child would be lucky to bear the name of celebrated poet and author, Maya Angelou. Turning her tough experiences into art, and encouraging others to do the same, Angelou urged people to celebrate that which they share as common, instead of focusing on differences.

4. Ellen


Actress Ellen Page, is a strong voice in both the feminist and LGBT community, spreading the word on equality for all humans.

5. Anthony


Take the surname from one of the most well known Suffragettes, Susan B. Anthony, and you'll have a traditional boy name with a feminist twist.

6. Matt


Inspired by Emma Watson's speech at the UN, Matt McGorry wrote an article for Cosmopolitan about how feminist ideals shape the person he is, and who he wants to become.

7. Amelia


Feminism and fashion collide with the creation of the "bloomer," named after Women's Rights advocate, Amelia Bloomer. She also created her own newspaper, The Lily, to give women in the mid-1800s a voice.

8. Gloria


No feminist name list would be complete without including gender quality icon, Gloria Steinem. With decades of activism and change-making under her belt, Steinem is a regarded expert on the subject of equality.  

9. bell


Feminist author and speaker, bell hooks, is a true force. (I had the pleasure of meeting her once, and I would not lie to you about her fierceness.) Born with the name Gloria — another great feminist name — hooks adopted a pen name to pay homage to her grandmother, because she was a woman known to speak her mind.

10. Hillary


Hillary Clinton gives you two names for the price of one: Hillary for a girl, and Clinton for a boy.

11. Lena


Giving a nod to the multi-talented Lena Dunham, Lena is a derivative of Helena, which means bright and shining light.

12. Ryan


After having his own baby girl, actor Ryan Gosling realized the important role feminism plays in not only her life, but his as well.

13. Alice


Another name jackpot — with boy and girl options — comes from the National Women's Party founder, Alice Paul. A huge voice in legislation, Paul was a crusader for creating laws that provide equanimity for women.

14. Emma

Emma Watson, known mostly for her Harry Potter fame, gave this moving speech to the UN in 2014. If this isn't inspiration for a name, I don't know what is!

15. Malala


Although a bold choice for a name, brave pioneer and warrior for girls' education, Malala Yousafzai, is an inspiration to feminists everywhere.

16. James


Pacifist, Abolitionist, and Women's Right advocate, James Mott, was husband to the famed gender equality activist, Lucretia Mott.  

17. Virginia


Known for her books which explored the subjects of equality and advancement for women, Virginia Woolf was a modern thinker, definitely ahead of her time.  

18. Mark


Actor Mark Ruffalo speaks out on women's reproductive rights and shared the story of his own mother, who struggled with the limitations of this issue.

19. Ezra


Spreading awareness on domestic and sexual violence against women, Ezra Miller, who told Democracy Now, " I feel like all revolutionary causes should start with addressing misogyny."