19 Celebrities Who Divorced So Fast, You Probably Missed Their Marriage Altogether

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My parents were married when they were 21 years old and nearly 35 years later, they are still together. But they will also be the first to tell you that they have no flipping idea how they did it. After all, they were young, financially unstable, and had every odd stacked against them when yours truly arrived less than a year after they tied the knot. Of course, if they had been in Hollywood, they would have been screwed. After all, there is a long list of celebrities who divorced so fast, you probably missed their marriage altogether.

Yes, the odds are against celebs, according to statistics. The likelihood of a first marriage lasting at least a decade was 68 percent for women and 70 percent for men between 2006 and 2010, according to the National Survey of Family Growth. Another 2016 study by TIME showed that women tend to stay in their first marriage if they get married after the age of 26 and the union is financially stable.

But something tells me the cash flow paired with Vegas outings and fast lifestyle that can only come with being a celebrity might also have something to do with it. Just a hunch.

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