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19 Celebrities Who Hid Their Pregnancy & Baby News From The World

by Sarah Bunton

In the realm of celebrity culture, it seems like there are few things about their private lives that they are able to keep out of the ever-watchful eye of the paparazzi and the public alike. Though some stars manage to lead a fairly quiet, low-key lifestyle, others find themselves constantly fighting off flashbulbs and probing questions both on and off the red carpet. Being able to steer clear of the scrutinizing spotlight is one thing, but it took an amazing amount of skill (and possibly luck) for these celebrities who hid their pregnancy and baby's arrival.

In the "real world," deciding when, where, how, and who you tell about your pregnancy is entirely up to the person having the baby. Yet, in Hollywood, it would seem that if an actress so much as eats a full lunch, her food baby is quickly rumored to actually be a baby bump. Dodging these kinds of endless and often inaccurate speculations would be tiring for anyone, so it's not surprising certain stars have chosen to keep their pregnancy—or even their children—private for as long as possible.

Clearly you can't keep a bump hidden forever and a proud parent will eventually gush about the cuteness of their children, but check out these celebs who kept their baby news secret for a surprising length of time.


Alexis Bledel

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Gilmore Girls stars Alexis Bledel kept the pregnancy and birth of their son a secret. That is, until her Gilmore Girls co-star, Scott Peterson, accidentally outed Bledel as a "mother" in an interview with Glamour.


Eva Mendes

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Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling confirmed her second pregnancy only one month before their youngest daughter was born. This isn't too surprising since both stars are notoriously quiet about their personal lives.


Lucy Liu

Elementary star, Lucy Liu welcomed her son born via surrogate with an unexpected, yet adorable, announcement on Instagram. Much like other areas of her personal life, this was something she decided to share on her own terms.


Sofia Vegara

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In a bit of "art imitating life," Sofia Vegara revealed that she was a struggling single mom raising her son, Manolo, similar to her character on Modern Family. Many were surprised to find out that the star had a 23-year-old son.


Kerry Washington

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Scandal star Kerry Washington hid her first pregnancy by wearing loose dresses and carrying large purses while filming for a solid four months before Us Weekly broke the news of her pregnancy.


Max Greenfield

New Girl star, Max Greenfield wasn't shy about celebrating the birth of his second son with wife, Tess Sanchez. But plenty of people were shocked to realize Greenfield has a 6-year-old daughter.


Tyra Banks

Similar to Lucy Liu, Tyra Banks also welcomed her first child through a surrogate. Understandably, though, Tyra Banks kept her baby news a secret due to the many disappointments she experienced throughout the process.


Owen Wilson

This Zoolander alum prefers to keep his personal life out of the realm of public discussion, especially when it comes to his own family. Owen Wilson has kept his two sons out of the spotlight as much as possible.


Sandra Bullock

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In an interview with People, Sandra Bullock revealed she kept the adoption of her children under wraps primarily out of concern for their safety. It's one thing for an adult to handle the intrusive nature of tabloid photographers, but it's completely different when it's a child.



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For such a big name in music, it's hard to believe Adele kept her pregnancy a big secret. A classic move by many women who want to hide their baby bump, she made sure to wear dark colors and loose-fitting dresses whenever she had to be photographed in public. Other than that, she avoided the cameras as much as possible to keep it secret.


Nicole Kidman

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Though the actress hasn't been too shy about her previous children, Nicole Kidman chose to keep her baby news private when welcoming a child with Keith Urban. Their daughter, born via a gestational carrier, was a welcome addition and one they wanted to revel in privately.


Anna Paquin

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Life imitated art when the True Blood co-stars became a couple off-screen. Not only did a stunt double help hide her pregnancy on-screen, but Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer kept their twins out of the public eye and didn't even reveal their gender or names for months.


Megan Fox

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Megan Fox managed to keep her third pregnancy secret and revealed her bump on her own terms at 2016's CinemaCon. From loose clothing to strategically placed accessories and objects, her growing tummy was successfully kept out of sight.


Drew Barrymore

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Drew Barrymore kept mum throughout her entire first pregnancy and tried to keep her second one a secret as long as possible. She eventually decided to be open about it so that the process could be celebrated by all their friends and family.


Uma Thurman

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Though Uma Thurman didn't exactly go out of her way to hide her third pregnancy, she definitely was tight-lipped on details. Uma Thurman and partner, Arpad Busson, kept their baby's name secret for months.


Charlize Theron

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Similar to Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron kept her adoption process secret with both of her children. Adoption can be a trying time for anyone, so it's no wonder someone under the scrutiny of the spotlight would want to keep things private.


Ellen Pompeo

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Born via a surrogate, Ellen Pompeo kept her baby secret for two months after her birth. Understandably, the privacy of the woman carrying Pompeo's child was of great concern to everyone involved.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Some celebs keep their pregnancy secret or wait to reveal the birth, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt and wife, Tasha McCauley, kept the pregnancy and their son's birth a secret. This isn't too surprising considering the couple's nuptials were kept private as well.


Laura Linney

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It turns out that age played a role in why Laura Linney kept her pregnancy a secret. She told People that she was focused on the health of her unborn baby due to the fact that Linney's pregnancy was considered to be high-risk since she was 49-years-old at the time.