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19 Celebrity Dads To Follow On Twitter For A Good Time

Though it might seem like the world is a little bit more obsessed with celebrity moms than it is with celebrity dads, one glance through the list of celebrity dads to follow on Twitter will have you questioning why the media doesn't give you celebrity dad content on the regular. Ranging from hilarious, to adorable, to impressive, some celebrity dads definitely do not have it all figured out, which is kind of a relief. Sure, it's easy to assume that celebrities have it a lot easier because they're, well, celebrities — but that's not always the case. Especially when it comes to babies. Because if there's one group of people in this world who don't care if you're a celebrity, it's babies.

Babies treat parents the exact same way across the board, regardless of how many number one songs they've had on the radio or how many Oscars they have on the mantel. Babies don't know the difference between Joe Schmo and Joe Manganiello. If they're hungry, they cry. If their diaper needs to be changed, it doesn't smell like roses just because you're Jimmy Kimmel. If you're ever feeling overwhelmed as a parent and need a little assurance that you're not alone, check out the following celebrity dads on Twitter for a good laugh, cry, or both.


Ryan Reynolds

Can you imagine what a comedian Ryan Reynolds daughter will be?


Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard never knew what true love was until he met his daughter.


Michael Ian Black

Every parent can related to Michael Ian Black's lament on Frozen.


Chris Pratt

Hilarious and endearing, Chris Pratt's Twitter feed is one you won't want to miss. When he and his wife Anna Faris tweet back and forth — it's pure magic.


Conan O'Brien

As if you expected anything less, Conan O'Brien has dad jokes for days.


James Breakwell

Comedy writer James Breakwell's kids are likely to follow in his footsteps, if his Twitter dialogue has anything to say about it.


Sammy Rhodes

Though author Sammy Rhodes may not be a household name, one scroll through his Twitter feed will have you convinced that he should be. His musings on parenting are especially on point.


Judd Apatow

Judd Apatow may not be the most technologically advanced member of his family (those points go to his daughter, Maude), but he still gives a good Twitter feed, including this tweet about his inevitable descent into #DadBod.


Dean McDermott

What parent hasn't been struck by the Crayola bandit? Tori Spelling's husband Dean McDermott is here to remind you that you're not alone.


Michael Joyce

Comedian Michael Joyce has big plans for all those cheerios his kid is going to be eating.


Jimmy Kimmel

Don't worry, Jimmy Kimmel, I'm fairly sure all babies are plotting something.


Adam Scott

Hilarious and candid, Adam Scott brings you the best of his daughter's thoughts on Twitter.


Max Greenfield

Max Greenfield's tweets about his daughters will have you laughing for days.


David Schwimmer

David Schwimmer's been covered in his baby's bodily fluids, just like you.


Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris has so many amazing dad tweets that sometimes it's hard to keep up. Nothing like a casual party for your twin babies.


Joel McHale

Joel McHale's kid has a knack for the funny bone, just like Dad.


Mario Lopez

You know, I think AC Slater would be proud.


John Legend

New dad John Legend takes to Twitter to defend his wife, and demand equality for moms and dads. Yep, that's a Twitter account worth following.


Channing Tatum

As if Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan Tatum weren't #goals enough already, they added a precious daughter into the mix, giving both of them extra relatable points on the Twitter spectrum.