19 Cheap Secret Santa Gifts From Amazon That Are $20 Or Less

When it comes to online holiday shopping, Amazon is the mecca for home goods, trinkets, and everything in between. Thankfully, this means that you can find cheap Secret Santa gifts on Amazon — some for less than $20. This is often the limit assigned to this festive gift-giving tradition, after all. It all comes down to brainstorming clever and unique gifts catered to a person’s lifestyle.

Of course, buying gifts online has its perks. The possibilities are practically endless. And aside from the obvious convenience, you can use the search bar to your advantage. If the product isn’t quite what you were looking for, the listing will often feature related products. To top it off, you can read reviews and comments by other customers without having to checkout the item in the store.

Your best bet is to treat a Secret Santa gift like any other present. Think about the person’s habits and what they are all about. If you aren’t sure, check out their social media or ask close friends and family. Otherwise, you may end up buying a mediocre generic present. With these inexpensive gift ideas on Amazon, you can be sure that you won't earn the title of that lazy Santa.


For The Writer


"Writer's Block" Journal, $15, Amazon

It's no surprise that writers love a good play on words. Speak to their creative mind by gifting a "writer's block" journal. It will easily double as the home to their best ideas in the new year.


For The Dog Lover


"Dog Mom" Mug, $11, Amazon

Do you have a dog owner on your list? Gift this adorable "Dog Mom" mug with a package of her favorite coffee or tea.


For The Tea Drinker


Portable Tea Infusers, $12, Amazon

This set of portable tea infusers are perfect for the tea drinker on the go. The recipient can even prep a week's worth of tea in advance. Like the mug, this gift works well with a box of tea.


For The Musician


Moleskine Music Notebook, $14, Amazon

The mind of a musician is a wonderful thing. Help them hold onto their ideas with a clever Moleskine music notebook.


For The Chef


Bamboo Recipe Box, $16, Amazon

In a digital world, there's nothing quite like holding on to physical copies of favorite recipes. If your Secret Santa pick loves to cook, this simple bamboo recipe box will keep them super organized.


For The Bookworm


Personal Library Kit, $15, Amazon

It's safe to say that a bookworm's book collection means the world to them. Thanks to this personal library kit, they can leave a mark on their favorite titles.


For The Cat Lover


Cotton Cat Socks, $13, Amazon

The love of a cat lady (or man) knows no boundaries. And yes, this means that a set of cotton cat socks is fair game.


For The Feminist


"The Future Is Female" Sweatshirt, $17, Amazon

For someone that lives and breathes feminism, this "The Future Is Female" sweatshirt ($18) is the ultimate gift. It will keep them warm this winter, too.


For The Jetsetter


Multi-Purpose Wallet, $12, Amazon

People who are constantly on the move know how crazy traveling can be. Make their lives a little easier with this convenient multi-purpose wallet, available in more than 10 colors. It can even hold a cell phone, too.


For The New Mama


Mash and Serve Bowl, $14, Amazon

Expecting mothers who love all things homemade will appreciate this mash and serve bowl. You can even pair it with a printout DIY baby food recipes from around the web.


For The Artist


Brush Pen Art Makers, $15, Amazon

An artist can never have enough tools. It's crucial for inspiration, after all. This set of beautiful brush pen art markers is sure to get the creative juices flowing.


For The Music Junkie


Leather Cord Organizer, $7, Amazon

We all know that one person who just can't stop listening to good tunes. Help keep their beloved ear buds in check by gifting a chic leather cord organizer.


For The Fashionista


Tree Jewelry Holder, $12, Amazon

For the person that loves jewelry and accessories, organization is key. A piece like this tree jewelry holder can be a huge game changer for their vanity.


For The Tree Hugger


Reusable Shopping Totes, $10, Amazon

One can never have enough reusable bags. If you know someone who is all about them, gift a set of reusable shopping totes. How cute are those prints?


For The Gardener


Japanese-Style Ceramic Planter, $15, Amazon

Gardeners and green thumbs can always use "just one more" flower pot. This Japanese-style ceramic planter is especially attractive. Consider pairing it with a packet of seeds.


For The Yogi


Exercise Yoga Mat Bag, $16, Amazon

Make your favorite yogi's life a little easier with this convenient exercise yoga mat bag. It even features multi-functional storage pockets for all of the essentials.


For The Fitness Fiend


Running Belt, $10, Amazon

Joggers know all about the annoyance of comfortably toting around keys, a phone, and money. Luckily, this running belt can totally transform their workout experience.


For The Techie


Battery Power Pack, $19, Amazon

There's nothing worse than a dying phone in the middle of a trip, concert, or party. This shiny battery power pack can save the day, though. It also doesn't hurt that it is travel-friendly.


For The Beauty Maven


Butterfly Brush Holder, $12, Amazon

A makeup collector can always use more storage. Give their vanity a pretty upgrade with this decorative butterfly brush holder. You can even pair it with your favorite lip balm or makeup brush.