19 Disney Nursery Ideas To Create A Miniature Magic Kingdom

by Kristina Johnson

From singing along to the movies to playing with the toys to taking a trip to the happiest place on Earth (if you were super lucky), chances are you've got some pretty good memories associated with Disney. So why not draw on those memories and create an amazing theme for your soon-to-be baby's bedroom? Turns out, there are so many Disney nursery ideas to spread that Disney love to your future little.

The beauty of Disney is that there are so many movies to choose from, and each generation seems to get an iconic new character (or two) to fall in love with. Mickey Mouse first debuted way back in 1928, according to Time, and so many beloved characters have entered our lives and our hearts since then. The first official Disney princess hit theaters with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, launching a wave of animated royal beauties that's continued all the way up to Moana in 2016. But there's much more to Disney than Mickey and the princesses. Disney's Pixar division has given us tons of new classics like Toy Story, Monsters, Inc, and Up. So if you can't choose just one Disney hit to decorate your nursery, don't worry — mixing and matching can look awesome, too.

Check out these 19 gorgeous nurseries that showcase the magic of Disney.


An Amazing Gallery Wall

Instagram user @jadedaisy put together a gorgeous gallery wall of Disney tributes. You can use anything from framed Disney movie quotes to movie stills to character silhouettes to fill up a wall and showcase your Disney love with pride.


A Disney Alphabet

Disney story books can be repurposed into an amazing piece of nursery decor, as demonstrated by @jrchan16. Illustrated pages of books decoupaged onto letters turn them in a stunning Disney alphabet.


Mrs. Potts' Kitchen

This super sweet Beauty and the Beast nursery has the coolest play kitchen ever. @mrs_minimimi's little one gets to serve up tea with Mrs. Potts and Chip.


Princesses Galore

There's so many magical Disney characters to choose from, so why settle on just one? Instagram user @anais2625 went with a mix of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and more for a festive Disney nursery.


Disney Villains

Disney princesses seem to get all the love, but @l3na_22 turned to Disney villains like Cruella de Vil, Ursula, and Maleficent for a super unique nursery.


Going 'Up'

After the emotionally devastating first few minutes of Up (which I'm still not over, by the way), it's an adorable, fun, and funny movie. Instagram user @kelseysnaps used it for inspiration in her nursery, which includes a colorful and amazing Up mobile.


Black & White

A Disney nursery doesn't necessarily have to mean a riot of color. @whoos_that_girl went for black, white, and shades of grey for a classic Mickey Mouse-themed room.


Nursery Neverland

It just takes a little pixie dust to put together a perfect Peter Pan nursery. @pirates_and_pixie added a pirate ship and some cute Peter Pan prints to finish it up.


Under The Big Top

Instagram user @pirates_and_pixie put together not one but two Disney-themed rooms. This Dumbo nursery shines under the big top.


Winnie-The-Pooh Mural

A gorgeous Disney mural is sure to be a showstopper in any nursery. Mama @boothcj1984 tackled this amazing Winnie-the-Pooh scene herself.


It Means No Worries

Your little cub could be King or Queen of the Jungle in this awesome The Lion King nursery. @mjeezi used decals and stuffed animals to bring it to life.


Princesses Everywhere

There are so many princesses in the Disney universe, who can choose just one? @mamas.magical.kingdom put together a gorgeous montage to decorate her little princess's room.


Which Way To Neverland?

I love this sweet Peter Pan detailed from @disney_mummy_abs. The colorful sign points the way from the nursery to Neverland.


'Finding Nemo' Nursery

The bright blue walls of this nursery make it feel like its under the sea. @sweetdisneytreats used wall decals, stuffed animals, and more to put together an amazing Finding Nemo nursery.


An Enchanted Rose

A Beauty and the Beast nursery wouldn't be complete with a gorgeous enchanted rose. @onceuponapotts paired this one with a sweet baby Belle doll.


On The Hook

@xoxo.manna's little one will be ready for adventure in this Peter Pan nursery. A giant Pan mural and a flying Captain Hook are adorable touches.


The Magic Kingdom

Sleeping Beauty's castle and the Matterhorn adorn this gorgeous nursery. Mom @ak_in_wonderland painted the Disneyland icons herself.


A Tinkerbell Touch

The little details can really make a nursery shine. @disneymagic33 put a sweet little Tinkerbell decal over an outlet for a magical touch.


Pretty In Pixar

Pixar has churned out classic after classic after the past few years. @traci_lenz pays homage to a couple in this gorgeous nursery with plush Finding Nemo stuffed animals and Monster, Inc. bedding.