When you’re not sure which baby and toddler products are worth investing in, there’s no better way to gauge what you need than by trusting the opinion of other parents. Genius baby and toddler products skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon are quickly catching on and becoming bestsellers because they’ve found innovative ways to address problems most parents face.

You may be low on space but still eager to give your baby interactive toys like jumpers, and thankfully, there's now a bouncer that folds up for easy storage. Maybe you’re in the middle of potty training and planning a road trip, but feel anxious about how to train on the go. Parents in the same boat are raving about a stellar package of potty liners that can be used and discarded with hassle or odors.

Whether you’re looking for socks that won’t slip off your toddler’s feet or want to find ways to ease their teething discomfort without resorting to medication, these genius products can help. The popularity of these 20 baby and toddler products and the number of glowing reviews you’ll find for them prove they’ve been tested by parents like you and that their price, effectiveness, and convenience make them well worth the investment.


An Insulated Food Jar That Keeps Food Warm For 7 Hours

Parents who have helped make this insulated food jar a star product love knowing their toddler will enjoy fresh warm or cold foods even hours after it's been packed. The stainless steel design ensures hot foods stay hot for seven hours and cold foods stay cool for five hours. This jar is BPA-free and comes with a spork that conveniently attaches to the side of the jar.


A Booster Seat That Adjusts To 3 Positions

The day your infant outgrows a traditional baby car seat is an exciting one, but that doesn't mean they're ready to wing it without support. A booster seat is a necessity, but most fail to grow with toddlers quite like this three-in-one booster seat. Keeping in mind that many toddlers still feel more comfortable with a back and harness, this seat can be used three ways: as a harness booster (ideal for babies and toddler 22 to 65 pounds), a high-back booster (for children 30 to 100 pounds), or a backless booster (for children 40 to 100 pounds).


An Interactive Bouncer For Small Spaces That Folds Up In A Flash

This space-saving jumper has all the bells and whistles babies love — they can jump all day to music, sounds, and light-up features and stop and play with an overhead toy bar bursting with adorable woodland forest creature toys. However, when they're finished playing, you simply fold it and store it until next time, making it great for smaller apartments.


These Non-Skid Socks That Won't Slip Off Toddlers

Toddlers are constantly losing socks or pulling them off their feet just for fun. These stylish, go-with-everything non-skid socks have beaded material on the soles that prevent little ones from sliding on slippery floors. They're stretchy and made from cotton and nylon, but also adhere to the ankle in a way that makes them more difficult to pull off. Each order comes with six pairs of assorted socks that are suitable for children 18 months to 3 years old.


A Thermometer That Can Be Used On The Forehead Without Contact

It isn't easy to teach a toddler to hold a thermometer under her tongue and with infants it's virtually impossible, which is why this genius forehead and ear thermometer is such a gem. Using infrared technology, it accurately records temperatures and can even store and recall up to 20 readings so you're better equipped to track your child's progress. The best part? You don't even touch a baby's forehead with it — simply move it close enough and it'll get the job done without waking your sick little one.


These Affordable Baby Bottles That Prevent Gas

Not only are these Tommee Tippee 9-ounce baby bottles more colorful and affordable than many other brands but they're also superior in quality. The nipple is made to feel as natural as possible to promote an easier latch (especially good for babies transitioning from breast to bottle, if you've decided to breastfeed) and the venting valve with slow flow nipple keeps baby from taking in too much air and getting stomach pains and gas.


A Play Area And Changer That Is Ideal For Newborns, Infants & Toddlers

Multitasking products are treasures for parents and this play yard doesn't disappoint. It can be converted from a newborn napper station to a secure playpen for infants to a roomy play yard for toddlers. You'll also get a removable toy bar with two soft toys and a removable bassinet.


A Wearable Swaddle That Allows For Self-Soothing

Traditional wearable swaddles constrict a baby's arms down — but the problem with this position is that it doesn't account for the fact that infants use their hands to self-soothe and often prefer to sleep with their arms up. That's the problem this warm, wearable swaddle addresses: the design allows babies to sleep on their back with their arms up and it features a dual zipper that lets you change diapers without removing the swaddle and waking your baby. As always, make sure you know the proper way to swaddle a baby before you use it.


A Potty That Teaches Toddlers How To Flush

Old habits die hard and when your toddler learns to use the potty on a separate potty device, it can be a challenge reminding them to flush the toilet once they graduate to the family potty. This smart training potty takes care of that dilemma with a flush mechanism that rewards toddlers with sounds, music, and lights. This potty also has a splash guard and a removable potty ring that can be transferred to the family potty when your toddler is ready.


A Bottle Warmer That Makes Midnight Feedings So Much Easier

This bottle warmer heats up bottles in seconds to the perfect temperature so you won't have to worry about milk getting too hot (be sure you read the accompanying directions carefully). Fill it with water and use the adjustable basket to accommodate different-size baby bottles. It's that simple.


These Soft And Comfortable Foam Toddler Bed Rails

One of a parent's greatest concerns when baby graduates to a toddler or bigger bed is that they can easily fall out and get hurt. These inventive foam bed bumpers eliminate that possibility while keeping toddlers safe and secure in bed. These BPA- and phthalate-free bumpers are made from non-toxic foam, are water resistant, and can be installed without hassle.


A Nail Clipper With A Magnifier For Tiny Newborn Nails

If you're nervous to clip your newborn's nails, this nail clipper with a magnifier will help ease your mind a bit. This stainless steel clipper magnifies to four times the size and has an ergonomic shape that makes them easy to grip. It's perfect for even the teeniest of newborn nails.


The Perfect Toddler Pillow That Has Become A Cult Favorite

It's the toddler pillow that launched thousands of positive reviews — Little Sleepy Head is 100 percent hypoallergenic, not too fluffy or flat, and the ideal side for toddler beds. Parents say their toddlers sleep better and longer on this pillow and one writes: "Why did this take me so long to order?! I was in the habit of puffing up a blanket in my two year old's bed for AGES and decided to finally get him a suitable pillow. He LOVES his thing."


These Car Seat Mats That Guard Against Germs And Grime

You may have to repeat the words "please stop kicking the seat" a few times before your toddler stops this super common behavior that drives most parents up a wall. If that never works, these genius kick mats with adjustable upper and lower buckle attachments can be placed on the backs of the driver's and passenger's seats so that when your child does kick, all of the germs and dirt from the shoes won't transfer to the car seats. These mats fit most SUVs, minivans, and sedans and an elastic strap ensures they can be adjusted to sit just right.


An Amber Teething Necklace That Reduces Discomfort And Soothes Babies

It's always frustrating to watch babies cope with teething pain and discomfort. Many parents swear by this amber teething necklace, which contains succinic acid that is said to reduce pain, drooling, fussiness, and even prevent fever associated with teething. Only allow your little one to wear this necklace while supervised (and never during naps or while sleeping at night).


A Wearable Teething Mitt Invented By A Mom

This mom-invented teething mitten satisfies two of baby's strongest urges: munching on their own hands and putting anything and everything in their mouths to soothe teething discomfort. It's a chemical-free, machine washable mitt made from medical-grade silicone that features texturized bumps that will satisfy inflamed gums. The adjustable Velcro strap ensures this mitt won't slip from your baby's hand and it's perfect for children who always drop their teethers on the ground.


A Cuddly Stuffed Animal Pacifier Holder That Keeps Baby From Losing Binkies

Never lose another pacifier under the couch with this innovative pacifier holder, which comes with a medical grade, latex-free pacifier attached to a stuffed animal. Kids will love having a pal to hold as they self-soothe and you can choose among several animals, including a giraffe, penguin, elephant, and monkey.


A Warm Sleepsuit Perfect For When Baby Outgrows Swaddles

When a baby has transitioned out of a swaddle but isn't ready for a blanket, this incredibly warm, insulated sleepsuit is the perfect in-between solution. Invented by a mother of four and pediatric physical therapist, this breathable cotton suit was designed to encourage babies to sleep on their backs and keep them warm without additonal layers. Plus, this sleepsuit zips down for easy diaper changes.


A Carrier That Grows With Baby From Newborn To Toddler Stages

Why invest in several carriers when this four-in-one convertible carrier easily takes your baby from newborn to toddler stages? Newborns as small as 8 pounds can be carried in the facing-in narrow seat and as they grow you can convert this carrier to a facing-in wide seat, facing-out narrow seat, and back carry wide seat for toddlers (up to 32 pounds). This carrier is machine washable and comes with a two-in-one bib that protects the carrier and your clothes.

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