19 Gifts For 'Inside Out' Fans That'll Fill Them With Joy

The summer blockbuster Inside Out is a lovely kids movie that, I believe, is just as much for the adults. Full of witty musings on the human mind and clever puns (I laughed out loud when I saw The Train Of Thought), this animated flick has a beautiful message about experiencing all of your emotions — even the not-so-pleasant ones. So it's totally legit and even cool to be a grown ass woman with some Inside Out gifts on your holiday wish list.

Even if you haven’t seen the movie (in which case, get yourself the DVD ASAP), chances are you have a friend who can’t stop talking about the Amy Poehler-lead film. Whether your friend is more of an Anger or totally identifies with Disgust, there's a gift for them. Maybe they'd love a T-shirt featuring Fear, or maybe they'd rather Joy and Sadness housewares to decorate with. Or perhaps they want to show off their intense Inside Out infatuation by celebrating some of the secondary characters they loved as much as the main five. Whatever type of fan they are, there is a gift for them, and we've got some of the best ones listed below. Just try to avoid the temptation to buy them all.


For The Casual Fan

Graphic Tee, $20, Redbubble

Redbubble's main character graphic tee is subtle, but still gets the point across.


For The Artsy One

Book, $40, Disney Store

The Art Of Disney Pixar Art Inside Out is a beautiful behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the film. A perfect coffee table book, and, bonus! Amy Poehler wrote the forward.


For The Happy-Go-Lucky Gal

Mug, $14, Zazzle

Does your friend always wake up on the right side of the bed? Any morning person will feel joyful drinking their morning joe from Zazzle's Joy mug. Or, gift this to your morning-hating friend as a little inspiration for a better start to the day.


For The One Who's All Fun and Games

Life's all about emotions, so have fun with it with The Game of Life Inside Out Edition.


For The Super Emotional One

For your friend who's head is way less organized than Riley's, gift them a feelings journal so that they can try and sort out their emotions on paper.


For The Environmentalist

Tote Bag, $13, Zazzle

Go green — not like Disgust, but like a nature lover — with this adorable reusable tote bag from Zazzle.


For The One Who Really Needs Their Coffee

Coffee T-shirt, $20, Redbubble

I mean, who isn't like Anger before caffeine in the morning? Give this "Coffee First" T-shirt to your friend who can't function before morning his pick-me-up.


For The Scardey-Cat

Your friend who can't watch horror movies and checks her closets before bed will love having this Fear plush to snuggle up with when she can't sleep.


For The Celebrity Fangirl

Phone Case, $32, Disney Store

For the one who reads People religiously and is actually able to keep up with the Kardashians, this Rainbow Unicorn phone case is the perfect gift.


For The Homebody

This Sadness pillow is a cozy addition to any rainy day on the couch.


For The One Who's Always Rolling Her Eyes

Everyone has a friend who's main form of communication is a scoff. Get her Hot Topic's Disgust tee so she can let everyone know her M.O. before they even ask.


For The One With The Great Imagination

Let your friend indulge her imagination with this Bing Bong mug , which pays homage to the most creative, fun and selfless imaginary friend of all time.


For The One With The Short Temper

Poster, $14, Zazzle

If he tries to keep his cool but usually explodes, then he'll appreciate this Must Control Anger poster.


For The Academic

The Language of Emotions is the perfect gift for your friend who's always looking to conceptualize everything, even abstract concepts like emotions.

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For The World Traveller

Luggage Tag, $9, Zazzle

Get this Emotions luggage tag for your jet-setting friend who's always off to a different country.


For The Sassy Sweetie

Figurine, $7, Amazon

This Disgust figurine is the perfect desk ornament for anyone who just can't even.


For The One Who's Always Misplacing His Phone

This Anger talking flashlight gives a new meaning to the term hot head, literally. As your friend gets angry when he can't find his keys — again — this gift will let him at least look under the bed with some light.


For The Moody One

If your friend loved Inside Out because she's all about her feelings, give her a mood ring she can always know whether Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust or Fear is taking command of her Control Center.


For The True Fan

Watercolor, $10, Etsy

This Inside Out watercolor is really beautiful, and the perfect art piece for any Inside Out fan's apartment.

Images: Disney; Giphy