19 Healthy Meals Dads Can Make For The Working Mom Who Has Enough On Her Plate

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Every mom has been there — rushing to the grocery store after work, scavenging the aisles for ingredients to make dinner. You then hurry home only to be greeted with immediate demands and questions like "what's for dinner?" However, there are healthy meals dads can make for the working mom, because you shouldn't leave it all on your plate? Try saving that stress for things that actually matter, and rely on your husband to make dinner for the family for once (or forever).

You can even help to ease dad's newfound responsibility, and agree to go grocery shopping for the ingredients ahead of time if he agrees to cook it while you're working. These quick, easy, and, yes, healthy recipes will not only save you time, but they'll save you money too. So, while you're raking in those big bucks at work, you'll be at ease knowing that your family will have an affordable, healthy dinner waiting at home.

It's time to take some of the load off of yourself ,and allow dad to take the cooking reins — you deserve it. Forget the late-night runs to fast food drive-thrus or scouring the cabinets looking for something to whip up. Say hello to these yummy and freshly prepared meals.

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