19 Last-Minute Back To School Items On Amazon Prime

Summer is winding down, and that means it's time to get kids ready for school. Although some kids may be enjoying the final weeks of summer, others are already back in class. . . or close to it. If summer snuck up on you, as it does with most families, then you might be scrambling to get everything your child needs to go back to school. Rather than fight the lines at the nearest store, why not snag some of the last-minute back to school items on Amazon Prime to get your child prepared for the first day.

School supplies don't come cheap. Nabbing one of everything on the list could set you back about $200 or more. But ordering everything online could save you money in addition to time. Plus, if you avoid the store, then your kid won't be able to raid the school supply aisle for the trendiest, priciest gear. With everything on this list ready to be delivered to your door in just a couple of days, online shopping just might be the way to go this year.

Here are 19 back to school items from Amazon Prime that are sure to set your kid up for academic success.



12-Pack Mead Composition Notebooks, $17, Amazon

These marble notebooks are bound to give you flashbacks to your own school days. With 12 in the pack, your kid will have one for every subject plus a few extra.



30-Pack Ticonderoga Pencils, $4, Amazon

No matter what grade your kid is in, they'll probably need some classic number two pencils to fill out those little test bubbles. As an added bonus, these come pre-sharpened so they're ready to go right out of the package.



4-Pack Paper Mate Erasers, $2, Amazon

Everyone makes mistakes. But thanks to these cute, colorful erasers, your little guy or girl will be able to rub them right out.



36-Pack Bic Pens, $5, Amazon

You can never have too many pens, especially since kids tend to lose them as fast as they use them. This pack of pens should last a while, and even comes with both blue and black ink.



24-Pack Crayola Crayons, $5, Amazon

Every kid needs a box of crayons for their amazing artwork. They may be clamoring for a jumbo-sized pack, but a box of 24 should do just fine.



8-Pack Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers, $7, Amazon

Markers may be fun, but they do get messy. These washable markers should make clean up a little easier.


Pencil Case

ZIPIT Beast Box Pencil Case, $7, Amazon

All those pens and pencils need a good home. This cute pencil case should keep your kid's supplies secure and in one place.



Fiskars Kids Scissors, $4,Amazon

A good pair of scissors is a must-have in any kid's pencil case. They'll come in handy for that next art project.



5-Pack Mead Pocket Folders, $12, Amazon

Keep those homework sheets from getting all crumpled up in these sturdy, colorful folders. And don't forget to check them for notes from the teacher, which your kid will likely forget to pass on.



12-Pack Sharpie Highlighters, $5, Amazon

Your kid's notes will always be eye-popping thanks to this pack of highlighters. The pretty array of colors might make it hard to resist using them in art projects, too.



4-Pack Elmer's Glue Sticks, $2, Amazon

Glue sticks are so much neater than a tube of glue spurting goo everywhere. This four-pack should get your little one through tons of school projects.



Sparco Plastic Protractor, $3, Amazon

Older kids studying geometry will need a protractor to get through the year. This clear plastic version should make it easy to see all those lines and angles.



Texas Instruments TI-34 Calculator, $19, Amazon

Sure, anyone with a smart phone has got access to a calculator. But this scientific calculator's function are way more advanced whether you're studying algebra, geometry, or calculus.



4-Pack BAZIC Jeweltones Rulers, $4, Amazon

Whether it's for art class or math class, a ruler is a must for any student. This pack of rulers will come in handy when one accidentally snaps or gets lost.



6-Pack Kleenex Tissues, $14, Amazon

Tissues are one of those classroom necessities that many teachers end up paying for out of their own pocket. Keep your kid's homeroom stocked for a couple of weeks with this six-pack of tissues.


Hand Sanitizer

5-Pack Purell Hand Sanitizer, $12, Amazon

It's no secret that kids tend to pick up and share germs like crazy. Fight back with those pocket-sized bottles of hand sanitizer.



TRENDYMAX Galaxy Backpack, $25, Amazon

All these school supplies aren't going to lug themselves to school. This roomy backpack should have tons of space for everything your kid needs to haul around.



Tilami Lunchbag, $13, Amazon

Some kids will tell you that they're favorite subject is lunch (followed closely by recess). Pack them up something delicious in this colorful, insulated lunchbag .


Assignment Planner

Dabney Lee for Blue Sky Planner, $16, Amazon

They may not love homework, but they do need to get it done. Your kid can stay organized and on top of all their assignments with this academic planner.