19 Latke Recipes To Make Your Hanukkah Meals More Delicious

by Shannon Fiedler

Hanukkah is almost here which means Jewish families are in for eight crazy nights...of eating. And when it comes to Hanukkah, nothing feels more festive than feasting on your family’s latke recipe. If you come from a family that can cook (or, at least, shredded and fry some potatoes), then chances are you wait all year for your Bubbe’s famous latkes, the recipe of which has been passed down from generation to generation. But if your family is less traditional, or you merely want to add another option to you Hanukkah feast, why not add a new latke recipe to your repertoire as well? Because, when it comes to Hanukkah, you can never have too many latkes.

Whether you're a fan of the traditional, or are totally experimental in the kitchen, there are tons of great latke recipes out there that you can try this year. With different vegetables, spices and sauces, you can make latkes the highlight of any meal — even breakfast. So if you’re looking to spice up the holidays, try one of these 19 delectable latke. Each of these recipes is so scrumptious, you'll probably want to try a different one (or two) each of the eight nights.


Crispy Panko Potato Latkes

Tori Avey's crispy panko potato latkes look like a traditional latke, but adding the panko crust puts a modern (and crispy) spin on the classic holiday treat.


Gorgonzola Mashed Potato Latkes With Jalapeño Apple Relish

Instead of frying shredded potatoes, What Jew Wanna Eat's gorgonzola mashed potato latkes fries mashed potatoes so, um, yum. And, on top of that, she adds a spicy/sweet relish to top the latke, which only enhances the flavor.


Sweet Potato, Turnip And Parsnip Latkes

While most traditional latkes are made from potatoes, Kitchen Confidante uses a blend of root veggies to create her sweet potato, turnip and parsnip latkes, adding a variety of flavor to every bite.


Pumpkin Pie Stuffed Latkes

Yes, you can even have latkes for dessert. What Jew Wanna Eat's pumpkin pie latkes are a sweet treat with a major bonus: you can top them with her cinnamon whipped cream.


Brussels Sprout Latkes With Balsamic Dijon Sour Cream

Brussels sprouts are totally having a moment right now, and My Name Is Yeh's brussels sprouts latkes are a great way to incorporate the popular vegetable into your Hanukkah menu. This way you can eat your greens in style.


Mini Red Potato Latkes

Gluten Free Canteen's mini red potato latkes are bite-sized and — you guessed it — gluten free. Since she uses red potatoes, they're a little lighter than your average latke, which means you can eat more before you're too full to move.


Green Onion Latkes With Poached Eggs And Hollandaise

Latkes for breakfast? I'm in. Cooking For Keep's latkes with poached eggs are basically a Hanukkah-style Eggs Benedict, which makes them the perfect morning meal to kick off the holiday.


Thai Sweet Potato Latkes

For an Asian-flavored spin on the holiday staple, try A Pretty Life In The Suburbs' thai latkes recipe, which uses sweet potatoes and Thai chili sauce for a fun new flavor.


Potato Latkes With Leeks

Food & Style's somewhat deconstructed latkes have a very sophisticated and Parisian flair, which makes them perfect for entertaining! Serving them, you'll feel festive and fancy.


Zucchini And Dill Latke Waffles

The coolest part about Cara's Cravings' zucchini and dill latkes? You can make them in a waffle iron. A little lighter and a lot less messy, it's a good alternative to frying them in oil.


Latke Buger

Latkes: delicious. Burgers: delicious. Latke burgers: super delicious. Try Public Lives Secret Recipes' latke burger as a special holiday slider at least one of the eight nights this year — you won't regret it.


Avocado Latkes Breakfast Tacos

Again, What Jew Wanna Eat proves latkes aren't just for the dinner table. Her latke breakfast tacos make the most important meal of the day the most scrumptious meal as well.


Apple Cheddar Latkes

It's not winter yet, so embrace the flavors of fall with A Cozy Kitchen's apple cheddar latkes. This is one you and the kids are sure to love.


Chipotle Cheddar Potato Latkes

Add some spice to your Hanukkah celebration with Half Baked Harvest's chipotle cheddar latkes — these are not your grandma's latkes, but I'm sure she'll like them!


Mexican Chocolate Latkes With Cinnamon Whipped Cream

What Jew Wanna Eat nails it again with this Mexican chocolate latke recipe, making for the best Hanukkah dessert you could imagine.


Butternut Squash Latkes

Why not incorporate on the best flavors of the season into your holiday feast? Big Girls Small Kitchen does just that with her butternut squash latke recipe. Make sure you make enough though, since everyone will want seconds of these.


Vegetable Latke With Permission Butter

Food Nasty's vegetable latke uses not just potatoes, but also carrots, parsnips and zucchini. It's like a garden of tastes, all in one, perfectly portioned latke.


Sweet Potato Latkes And Spiced Thyme Applesauce

Hello Natural's recipe makes latkes with sweet potatoes — and she also provides recipes for spiced thyme applesauce and horseradish sour cream to make the dish complete.


Latke Nachos With Homemade Queso