19 Little Moments Of The Toddler Days You'll Always Cherish

Sometimes toddlers get a bad rap. Now I'm not saying they haven't earned it. After all, most parents have numerous cautionary tales of how they barely survived the "terrible twos" when the dreaded "threenager" reared its head. If you haven't met either of these two toddlers, don't worry. You'll be acquainted with them soon enough. But even in spite of those toddler tantrums and the "Why are you crying again?" moments, there are so many little moments of the toddler days that make having a 2- or 3-year-old pretty damn awesome.

Luckily for me I'm far enough removed from those toddler days that all I remember are those chubby faces, adorable giggles, and long days spent at the playground. Funny how motherhood does that to you. I've managed to completely block out my daughter's solid two years of toddler tantrums. OK, not really, but I'll just pretend that I have.

So here's to you, toddler! We know it's hard to be you sometimes. So have a snack, and maybe even take a nap. We'll be here when you get up, ready to bask in your cuteness and all those little moments we will surely miss when these toddler days are over.


When They Nap

Oh sweet, glorious nap, how do I love thee? It's the break in our day of sweet silence where Mom can finally get a shower, eat her lunch, drink a whole cup of coffee, or mindlessly watch Real Housewives.


When They Speak "Toddlerese"

More exciting than watching your toddler grasp the English language, is the way they adorably butcher it. My daughter called her panties "underwear pants" and tastebuds "taste freckles." And I will never correct her. The day she can say thirsty instead of "firsty" will be a sad, sad day in this house.


When They Praise You

No matter how many wonderful people are in your toddler's life, Mommy is always the center of their universe. Have a boo boo? They want Mommy. Need some snuggles? They want Mommy. Need to barf in someone's hair at 3 a.m.? You guessed it, Mommy.


When They Want To Read Short Books

The books that toddlers love so much take three minutes, and they think your voices for each character are hilarious.


When They Entertain You

Teach your toddler a song or dance, and they will be the hit at every single family function.


When They Get Rocked To Sleep

If you have a toddler, your days of rocking your little one to sleep are numbered. So cherish that time by kissing their sweet faces, sniffing their heads, and if you whisper in their ear "Please stop getting bigger," I won't judge you.


When They Let You Pick Halloween Costumes

Toddlers have a lot of opinions, but when it comes to Halloween costumes, you still get to decide. So make it a good one while you're still in control.


When They Bring Joy — So Much Joy

Toddlers, when not tantruming, are full of so much joy. A leaf can bring them joy. Going down a slide for the 20th time brings them so much joy. That clip of Elmo singing that you've watched 375 times, still brings them so much joy.


When They Wear Footie Pajamas

There is a powerful kryptonite among parents and it's footie pajamas. The cuteness is just too much.


When They Eat Snacks

If you've got snacks, you've got a toddler that's ready to go. It might take you an extra hour to get out the door, but if you've carefully packed snacks, you can take your toddler anywhere.


When They Have A Lollipop and All Is Well

There's a lot in this world you can't fix, but when it comes to a toddler, 99 percent of their problems during the day can be fixed with a lollipop. I wonder if this will work when their teenagers?


When They Fall Asleep Anywhere

That doesn't even look comfortable!


When They Are Fearless

Well this can be a good thing. Or terrifiying. But usually it's a good thing


When They Go On A Playdate

What's cuter than one toddler? A tiny group of toddlers. Cuteness overload.


When They Are Easily Amazed

You'll never find a more captive audience than your toddler. Everything you do will totally amaze them.


When They Do The Toddler Booty Shake

Seriously, what's better than a little toddler booty shaking?


When They Don't Need Fancy Toys

Sure you could buy them tons of expensive toys, but they'll be just as happy with a box. Or in this guy's case, a bowl full of fish


When They Struggle

It's hard to be a toddler. Hilarious, but so very hard. Oh, the todler drama


When They Remind You There Is Still So Much Good

It's so easy to forget, but your toddler will remind you every single day how sweet life really is.