19 Netflix Movies To Watch If You Hate Valentine's Day

Not everyone is a fan of Cupid's favorite holiday. But that's all good, because there are plenty of Netflix movies to watch if you hate Valentine's Day. Popcorn? Check. Wine? Check. Netflix? Check. SO? Eh, maybe you have one, or maybe you're flying solo. Newsflash: not everyone with a SO loves Valentine's Day. In fact, the holiday can cause a ton of stress on couples trying to find the most romantic activity to celebrate. Or maybe you're having a Galentine's Day with your BFFs. There are plenty of folks out there who get a kick out of hating this holiday. I happen to be one of them.

Maybe you are too? There's some solidarity in knowing you're not the only one who hates Valentine's Day. If so, consider streaming any of these love-free films on Feb/ 14. Indulge in whatever your heart desires without leaving the house, or even getting out of bed. From slasher flicks to haunted houses, these choice films will get you thinking about anything besides romance (and drunk dialing that someone you know you should stay away from). So curl up for a Netflix and get-the-chills session. You might have nightmares, but you won't regret it in the morning.


'The Others'

This period film set in World War II stars Nicole Kidman as a wife who awaits her husband's return from the war, only to find that the house she's staying in is haunted. And you thought being ghosted was bad.


'Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers'

It's the sixth film in the franchise, so don't expect a cinematic gem. What you can expect is lots of blood and gore, and an evil monster armed with a blade and a hockey mask. If Michael Myers reminds you of your ex, he dies in the end... only to come back in Halloween 7. But hopefully your nightmarish relationship stays buried.


'Stephen King's Children Of The Corn'

This creepy classic is actually a masterful piece of cinema. And the murderous children armed with scythes and Biblical names will have you thankful that you're home alone, safe and sound.


'Curse Of Chucky'

Guess who's back? Chucky's back and the freakish freckled doll has his signature machete. If you're looking to laugh until you scream, this flick has got it all. And the little menace will make you want to swear off little boys, and save yourself for a grown up.


'Would You Rather'

This twisted film centers around a parlor game that has contestants choosing between unfathomable acts of depravity... or else. And you thought Tinder was brutal.


'Dream House'

Leaving Manhattan is only the beginning of the end when this businessman settles in a New England country house. But instead of peace and quiet, this "dream house," you guessed it... turns into a nightmare.



Not for the faint, ahem, hearted, this film involves a monstrous mirror that will get you seeing all kinds of horrors.


'The Pact'

This horror flick will have you thanking god for your four flight walk-up one-bedroom. It might be haunted with relationships past, but not with ghouls like the house in this horror movie.


'At The Devil's Door'

Another haunted house flick, the demonic presence in this film might remind you of your ex's family. Isn't it cool that you don't have to deal with those folks any more? I would just check the locks before turning in.


'Let The Right One In'

Bad romance? Nope. Just your average sociopathic friendship. This dark indie film will have you celebrating the fact that you're in bed. Alone. Or it will make you appreciate just how awesome your friends are.


'Fatal Attraction'

Who needs hot sex if it's going to end with bunny soup? This 1980s classic makes me feel all kinds of feelings towards getting it on. Like how happy I am to be in the comfort of my Slanket.


'All Good Things'

It's Ryan Gosling as a young Robert Durst from The Jinx. Need I say more?


'Heavenly Creatures'

Dreamy and creepy at the same time, this 1990s film starring a young Kate Winslet will have you thankful for all of your friends... who aren't after blood.


'The Faculty'

Another 1990s fave, this film is packed with superstars before they were super hot. It's back to high school where things get freaky; no not that kind of freaky, like alien freaky. If anything, have a chuckle at the 1990s CGI.


'Turbo Kid'

If you want straight-up blood, gore, and cheesy special effects, this sci-fi action flick is violent in all the right ways. In other words, expect to laugh yourself silly.


'Basic Instinct'

There are some steamy scenes in this 1990s film noir. And frankly, there's no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a tribute to the femme fatale.



A critically acclaimed film, Headhunters is part thriller, part action. And there's certainly some man-candy on screen if you get a craving for some, er, sugar.


'We Are What We Are'

Nothing says f*ck Cupid more than a movie about cannibalism. Aren't you glad you're not in some crowded restaurant rn? Take out, anyone?



I just love the title of this film to help me celebrate V-Day. It brings back so many memories of my ex, reminding me how much happier I am without him. But, as far as horror goes, this is a top-notch film that will make you squirming in all the right ways.

Now, aren't you glad you stayed in? There's a lot of crazies out there. Wake me when it's February 15, k?