These Names From The '60s Need To Come Back

When I think about the 1960s, it literally seems like forever ago. Though my mom was born back then and I don't consider her old, when you start counting the decades between then and now, it starts to feel like it was so long ago. The decade brought us an array of pop culture icons like The Beatles, Jackson Five, Jimi Hendrix, and more. Since the decade had so many great people and experiences come from it, there are popular names from the '60s that should come back into play for your little flower child.

Although I was born almost 30 years after the start of the decade, I was introduced to a lot of what it had to offer during my upbringing. From the simple and loveable names to the incredible singers and actors, the 1960s had some pretty cool icons for everyone to dig. Now, almost 60 years later, the decade is still finding a way to leave its mark on the current generation.

So, if you're a lover of all things far out, bad, or decked out, you should totally consider giving your baby one of these 19 names that the Social Security Administration noted as popular from the '60s. Because these monikers are more than groovy, baby.



Coming from a German origin, the name Frederick means "peaceful ruler." The name is usually shortened to the friendlier Fred, and is a great name for your baby boy.



Annette, which was one of the top female names in the 1960s, has a meaning of "the Lord has favored me" and comes from a French meaning.



Between Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) and the legendary Kurtis Blow, the name has remained relevant even past the '60s. Meaning "courteous, polite" and originating from a French background, the name Curtis could definitely still hold weight in the current years.



Known as a variation of the name Jane, Janice means "God's gracious gift" and comes from an English background.



The German originating name Walter means "army ruler" and is perfect for your little guy.



Though Darlene's sarcastic nature in Roseanne was anything but sweet, the English name means "darling" and could still be a great option for your little girl.



Born in 1968, famous singer Marc Anthony proves that the name Marc was popular back in the '60s. Known as a French variation of Latin originating Mark, the name means "warlike."



Though the name Carrie might scare a few people due to the original 1976 Stephen King film by the same name, it's still a cute name to resurrect. Meaning "free man," the name has also found home in popular Sex & The City character played by Sarah Jessica Parker



The name Duane comes from an Irish origin and means "swarthy." If you were wondering what the word swarthy meant (because I sure was), it has a definition of dark-skinned, according to Dictionary.



Loved the character Elaine from Seinfeld? Well there may be a reason. The name, which is an old French form of Helen, means "bright, shining light."



Meaning "the people's ruler," the name Derrick is a good choice for your future leader.



The name Charlene is the feminine version of Charles and has a meaning of "free man." — just like Carrie.



The name Clarence is from a Latin origin and has a meaning of "bright," which is great for the new ray of sunshine coming into your life.



A name that hasn't seen much light since the '60s, Lorraine is from French origin and comes from the province of Lorraine.



Back in the '60s, the name Lonnie was a popular boy's name that served as a variation of Lawrence and Alonzo. Now, the name can be used for both a girl and a boy and means, "from Laurentum" and "noble, ready" respectively.



Though the name Shari hasn't been very popular as of late, it's meaning of "princess" calls for it to be brought back into consideration for any of the royal little ladies you'll be having soon.



Shane means "God is gracious" and is known as an Anglicized variation of the name Sean. What better name to give your little bundle of joy?



Melody's character in Josie and the Pussycats may have been a drummer, but the cute name means "song" and originated from a Greek background.



The name Wesley may have gone up on the popularity scale because of the How to Get Away With Murder character. If you're interested in knowing what it means though, the English originating name means "western meadow" — which isn't as interesting as the character on the show.