pregnant woman playing in yard with her dog

19 Pregnancy Announcements With Dogs, Because There's Literally Nothing Cuter

by Emily Kelleher

Once upon a time, announcing a pregnancy involved a call to family and maybe a gathering of friends. Today, they often involve elaborate photoshoots, personalized clothing, production teams, "eviction notices" posted on toddler's cribs, and actual buns placed in actual ovens to surprise unsuspecting loved ones and, eventually, the millions who will watch the video of their reaction on YouTube. It seems the pressure to make an announcement worth going viral is at an all time high. No matter how you do it, there's one way to ensure maximum cuteness: pregnancy announcements with your dog.

To start, Etsy is filled with props to make your announcement obvious, from personalized signs to prop near your furry friend, to bandanas that say "big brother," and even signs to hang around their neck that say "guard dog," "toy tester," or "we're getting a human." But honestly, just a cute photo of your pup could do the trick, too.

And if you consider your dog your firstborn, you'll want some tips for preparing them for the new family member. Parents recommends signing your dog up for an obedience class when you find out you have a baby on the way, since the last thing you need is to juggle a newborn and a misbehaving pup. According to Parents, you can acclimate your pup to coming changes by taking them for a walk with a stroller, practicing parenting with a doll so your dog will get used to sharing your attention, and introducing them to the smell of baby lotion and other baby essentials. Also important? Have someone lined up to take care of your dog if you'll be delivering the baby and will be away from home for a few days. It will be an adjustment, but your pup is lucky to have a new best friend on the way. So capture their excitement with one of these pregnancy announcement ideas.


Girl's Girl

You'd think this pooch knew the meaning of "cheese!" It doesn't get much cuter than this.


Flower Queen

This pup looks so peaceful, it's like it doesn't know what's coming.


No Longer The Baby

Finding out you've been promoted to big sister or brother isn't always a happy surprise... at first. Little does this dog know it's about to get a new best friend.


New Human

New human alert. Dogs probably can't read, but they'll figure it out eventually.


Propper Pup

These poodles sure know how to pose. Who knew a photoshoot in the woods could be so chic?


Party Of 3

There are a ton of people out there that consider their dog their "baby" — until they have an actual baby. Sorry pup, there's a new kid in town.


Best Brother

Your furry friend may have been the first to make you a parent, but they won't be the last.


Happy Little Guy

This might be the most photogenic dog there ever was. And if these shots say anything about how she'll be with the baby, I see a great big sister in this family's future.



What a proud doggo. The only thing better than a new baby is two new babies.


Good Boy

If the dog is willing to sit still with a sign around its neck, chances are it will be patient with a new family member.


Smart Cookie

Get yourself a dog that wears glasses and reads up on the most recent parenting research.


Party Of 5

Is there anything cuter than two dogs becoming siblings because their owners shacked up?



I've never seen such a wise looking dog. Could dogs be the new owl?


Doe Eyed

A dog that looks at the camera and won't chew the baby's shoes? It's almost too good to be true.


New Bestie

Waiting, waiting, waiting...


Puppy Eyes

This pup might be the apple of his owners' eyes at the moment, but soon enough they'll have a fur-less baby in their arms.


Holiday Cheer

Getting a toddler and a dog to pose at the same time? Now that's worth celebrating.



This simple shot proves that a picture really is worth a thousand words.



This puppy is holding the sonogram so gently, it makes you think he'll be super gentle with the baby.