19 Thanksgiving-Inspired Baby Names For Your Turkey Day Baby


Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and many couldn't be happier. Whether you love the smell of fresh pies or hot turkey coming out of the oven, Thanksgiving is a time that brings family together and reminds you why it's important to give thanks. For pregnant moms, Thanksgiving could be a lovely time because it gives them the opportunity to be surrounded with unwavering love. And, if you love the holiday as much as I do, Thanksgiving-inspired baby names may need to be on your list of names to watch.

Now of course that doesn't mean naming your baby "Turkey" or "Ham" — unless you're really going for something like that. But, it could mean giving your child a name that is representative of what Thanksgiving is all about to you. That could be love, loyalty, thanks, gratefulness, or anything else that the holiday could mean to you. No matter what you choose, there are plenty of Thanksgiving-inspired baby names out there for you to choose. And, some of them are even unisex names that can be used regardless of your baby's gender.

If you're looking for a few names that could be a good picking, these 19 could help.

1. Apple

Though Apple is surely a unique name, the nature name and wholesome fruit made headlines when Gwynetth Paltrow gave it to her daughter. When it comes to Thanksgiving though, the fruit plays an important role in dessert making, so it would be an amazing fit for a name.

2. Grace

If you're having a little girl soon, the name Grace could be a perfect fit for her. The name is a pure virtue name and one of the cutest ever.

3. Maize

Though the word maize is a British term for the word corn, according to, it can be used as a variant for the name Maison, which has a French meaning of "house." Both Maize and Maison are Thanksgiving-inspired because corn is a regular food eaten and a house is usually where you spend your Thanksgiving holiday.

4. Ginger

The name Ginger is a unisex name for a redhead, but it's also used often for cooking during Thanksgiving.

5. Shakira

Looking for a name that represents your Thanksgiving daughter well? The Arabic name Shakira means "woman of grace" and could be a great choice for you.

6. Hunter

Though the name Hunter may commonly be used as a male name, the English name — which means "one who hunts" — can be used for a female, too.

7. Rosemary

Rosemary may be a plant often used for cooking throughout the holiday season, but it also has a meaning of "dew of the sea."

8. Autumn

Since Thanksgiving lands during the fall season, naming your Thanksgiving baby Autumn, which means "born in the fall," is a great fit.

9. Ruby

Ruby, which means "deep red precious stone," is another unisex name that would be a good fit for a Thanksgiving-inspired name because of the ruby red leaves that fall off of the trees.

10. River

Thanksgiving is always a reminder of the beauty of nature. And the name River, which is a nature name, is a great way to give an ode to the holiday.

11. Asante

The name Asante means "thank you" in African language, and is perfect for Thanksgiving as this is a time that we give thanks.

12. Demetria

Demetria was the Greek goddess of harvest, so this would be a great choice for a Thanksgiving-inspired baby girl name.

13. Jonathan

Jonathan has a Hebrew meaning of "gift of Jehovah" and would be a meaningful name to give to your little boy.

14. Elan

The name Elan is a good Thanksgiving-inspired choice for a boy or girl. Meaning "tree" in Hebrew and "friendly" in Native American, the name would be fitting for your Thanksgiving themed list.

15. Dasan

Very fitting for a name that reflects the First Thanksgiving, the Native American male name Dasan has a meaning of "chief."

16. Faith

Possessing the Greek meaning of "confidence; trust; belief," the name Faith is one that would be perfect for a little girl needed a Thanksgiving-inspired name.

17. Miles

The name Miles is the English form of the name Milo and has a meaning of "soldier or merciful." It's unique spelling gives it an extra appeal on the Thanksgiving-inspired names list.

18. Peregrine

Peregrine, which is a male name with the Latin meaning of "traveler, pilgrim," is a great name for your little potential globetrotter.

19. Elias

Having the definition of "Yahweh is God," Elias is a meaningful name that serves as a representation of Thanksgiving.