19 Thanksgiving Memes To Get You & Your Family Laughing Around The Table

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to be surrounded by delicious food and great company. It’s the time of the year when you’re encouraged to eat as much as you want and connect with people you haven’t seen in awhile (or avoid them at all cost — your choice.) Whether you dread the holiday or not, there’s nothing wrong with getting through it with some hilarious Thanksgiving memes.

The best part about the holiday is all the food options everyone brought to the table. The turkey is the honorary guest, but just imagine the other side dishes on your plate: mash potatoes, vegetables, and so much more. It’s no surprise that you’ll be returning to the kitchen for seconds and groaning about being full, but still have room for dessert. You might even find yourself zoning out of all the arguments between family members by sneaking a peek at a few of these memes to get you through the day.

Once you’re stuffed and trying to avoid the agonizing questions from your family members about work, love and life in general, these memes can distract you and your family from opening up the discussion again. Maybe the focus will even move towards relating to the list below and reflecting on old memories instead meddling through your present personal life.


Getting Excited For Thanksgiving

All you can think about is all the delicious food.


People Forgetting About Thanksgiving

How can you forget all you can eat right in the comfort of your home?


People Deciding To Ignore The Holiday Completely

Are you seriously ignoring the best holiday of the year?


The One Phrase You Dread Hearing

Just why?


Getting In The Holiday Spirit

Despite having to deal with all the questions your family has for you.


Questioning What Makes Thanksgiving Special

You have dinner every night without getting dressed up, right?


Waiting For The Food

::Taps foot impatiently::


Hearing The Magical Words

Did someone say the food is ready?


The Overwhelming Amount Of Food

All the endless possibilities…


The Struggle Of Having A lot Of Food

You'll just have to ask some relatives to leave.


Having Pie On Your Mind

Turkey is great and all, but have you seen the pie?


Drinks Are A Bonus

The food options are amazing, until you look at all the wine options.


Oblivious Family Members

Yup. Nothing like a useless cousin or two.


Creating Competitions

Who said you can’t? Make bets now.


Kids And Thanksgiving Don't Mix

Back to cooking it is.


All The Options, But Only Eats One Thing

Maybe next year she’ll eat it with vegetables.


The Holiday Pet

Even the cats get in the holiday spirit.


A Holiday Realization

Now you know why you see each other once a year.


Never Too Stuffed For Pie

It's worth the stomach ache. I promise.