19 Times Busy Philipps' Elf On The Shelf Creations Made Your Elves Envious

As the Christmas season comes to a close, you might be scrounging for some last minute Elf on the Shelf inspiration. You've already had him swing from the chandelier (bonus points if you made him a mini Sia wig); he's been caught in the bathroom; he's posed as an ornament on the Christmas tree. You're looking for a fun, exciting way to occupy your Elf, but you're fresh out of ideas.

Not to worry: Busy Philipps' has got you covered. The actress and self-proclaimed crafter has come up with some of the most creative (and elaborate) tableaus for her two elves that would have any child squealing with joy. She has her elves playing games, helping out around the house, or just relaxing — and more often than not, they're surrounded by candy (which means you can eat the goodies when your Elf flies back to The North Pole).

Busy Philipps' Elf on the Shelf ideas definitely take some work, but if you're up to the creative challenge her ideas are absolutely worth trying out on your own. If you'd rather stick to something simpler — like actually just putting your Elf on the shelf — then simply marvel over the domestic feat that is Busy Philipps' Elf on the Shelf scenes.


The Mom And Pop Shoe Shop

I think it's great that even someone as glamorous as Barbie supports local business.


Trapeze Artists

Santa's helpers and circus performers? These are some busy, talented elves.


World Travelers

These elves seem to have mastered the art of packing light. I wish I could fit all my holiday clothes in an Altoid tin.


Snow Day Fun

It's (literally) a marshmallow world in the winter, when the snow comes a tumbling down...


Laundry Day

They may be on the clock for Santa, but they still have to do their laundry. Plus, they even brought a pre-Christmas surprise for Busy Philipps' daughters Birdie and Cricket.


Gift Wrap

I feel ya, Elf. Wrapping presents is tough.


Ice Fishing

They've been hard at work flying to the North Pole and back every night. They deserve a leisurely day of fishing.


Culinary Creators

The elves left the girls a fun (and delicious) activity for the day.


One Crazy Night

This looks like a pretty fun Chanukah party. Anybody who's anybody in the toy chest got invited.


Game Night

Nothing beats a cozy night in with friends and a relaxing game of tic-tac-toe.


Off To The Races

I wonder if they have any money riding on this race.


Snow Angels

Some good, old Christmas fun.


Stuck In A Snow Globe

This sounds like a good plot for a Christmas movie. Two elves find themselves stuck in a snow globe, and are able to make their way out with the help of some holiday magic, and a little bit of love.


Athletic Activity

A climbing wall made out of gumdrops — now that's some exercise I could get on board with.


What Happened Last Night?

That moment when you're scrolling through your photos from last night like "what was I thinking."


Going Green

The elves have taken up gardening, and candy canes are in season this time of year.


Sick Day

Even elves are susceptible to the stomach flu. Good thing Doc McStuffins was there to help out.


Construction Workers

If they're going to stay at your house for a whole month, they might as well lend a helping hand.


Beach Bum Elves

Looks like somebody needed a break from that North Pole weather.

Images: busyphilipps/Instagram (19)